Full Coverage : A Tip For Desperate Housewives

Summarized View:

May Saunders is thinking how she could persuade her husband to get a full coverage dental plan and not have to sound like a banging hammer. She is, after all, stressed that her husband got a full coverage dental plan for Bongky, his pet Chihuahua.

May wished that Bongky would just go bonkers and disappear, go kaput or whatever. She certainly isn't too happy her husband Ryan got a full coverage dental plan for the dog and not for her. But she knows Ryan enough to know he won't budge if she nags him about the full coverage dental plan that he got for the darned dog.

So May put on her bitchy self and schemed to twist her husband's arm for a full coverage dental plan.

One day, she left work early and after cooking dinner, set the house in the mood for some romance with dim lights, ambient music and scented candles. She got Bongky out of the way in a 24-hour pet day care. Within one hour Ryan arrived, May put on her black lace panties and bra. The mood was set for the battle to win a full coverage dental plan.

Ryan sniffed something in the air opened the door at 7PM. The sofa had been turned so that it faced the door. There lay May - full frontal in her lingerie... Ryan had to swallow his throat...

We will not tell you the full gory details of the fight that ensued. Needless to say, May did get a full coverage dental plan shortly after that. Ryan, meanwhile, was amazed how his wife changed when he got Bongky a full coverage dental plan. He had actually planned on getting her a full coverage dental plan from Naaip.org/ next month. But May couldn't wait to have her full coverage dental plan.

Ryan had to smile at this. With a https://naaip.org/health-insurance/directory plan from us, Ryan knows he's going to have a bargain full coverage dental plan. He's not so sure about his dog's full coverage dental plan though.

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