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Health Insurance Issues in Georgia You Need to be Aware Of:

Every product sold in the market comes with a rider – Caveat Emptor – which stands for "let the buyer beware". What this means is that every buyer has to take precautions compare before purchasing a commodity or a service, and this condition holds true even for health insurance policies. Here is a carefully researched list of known Texas health insurance issues that have cropped up during the years:

  1. Some health insurance companies in Texas alter their premiums based on certain medical conditions. That means if a person develops an illness and that illness is expected to continue, then the health insurance agency may ask him to fork out a heftier premium. Some states have passed laws that limit the re-pricing of premiums, though. To overcome this, look for a cheap policy with steady premiums and/or look for a reputed insurance company that has held its premiums relatively steady over the years.

  2. Healthy people who are covered by a group medical insurance policy sometimes feel that they are throwing money down the drain because they are paying the same amount as their less healthier and more sickness-prone colleagues. However, there is flipside to this issue – group medical insurance is relatively cheaper than individual health insurance.

  3. Health insurance policies normally cover known conditions. If an unknown disease affects a person, he has to bear the treatment cost despite having paid up hefty premiums in the past.

  4. HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) companies adopt severe cost-cutting measures because they want to reduce their health insurance premiums. The result is that some HMO plan holders miss out on affordable healthcare.

  5. Insurance companies in Texas place restrictions on certain types of treatment, number of visits to a healthcare center, etc. Sometimes these restrictions go on to deny health insurance plan holders access to affordable medical healthcare.

  6. The cost of prescription drugs is cheaper in Canada. However, insurance companies do not cover Canadian drug imports in their plan benefits because they work hand-in-glove with American drug manufacturers.

  7. Statistics show that about 7–10% of insurance claims are delayed. Before choosing your health insurance plan, make it a point to ask your online insurance agent about companies notorious for delaying claims – and avoid them like the plague.

  8. Remember, there's a sub-prime crisis in the market and many financial institutions are in trouble. So, it makes sense to go with a solid health insurance company after discussing all your medical insurance needs with an expert.

  9. Different people are charged different premiums – and many people covered by health insurance have begun to feel that they are not being treated right by the system.

In the end, the best thing to do is to speak to an experienced insurance agent who can advise you on what to watch out for and sort out all your questions before you buy a medical insurance plan.

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