Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance in Today's Environment

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Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance


A big problem faced by regular citizens today is rising health care costs. This problem is further compounded by the cost of obtaining a guaranteed plan.


Perhaps you have been diagnosed with a pre exisiting condition and find it hard to get insurance cover as a result? In both cases, Guaranteed Issue plan can help.


A guaranteed issue insurance policy for health is one in which the client is not refused insurance on the basis of employment status or medical conditions that already exists.


A guaranteed health plan has the following features:


• The insurance contract can be renewed regardless of the employment status or health of the person.

• The insurance coverage compensate for hospital charges and doctor's fees.

• There are no deductibles applicable on guaranteed plan, and covers for expenditure had in and out of hospital.


• A guaranteed insurance policy covers for both short as well as long term health care expenses. The major victims of this situation are low and medium income Americans.


Guaranteed Issue Medical Insurance


For Whom is Guaranteed Issue Plan Designed For?

Lower income citizens cannot afford the high deductible insurance plans in the market. Those who have a preexisting condition will find it hard to get the cover they deserve. The solution is a guaranteed health plan for insurance.


Pre existing conditions can be described as a medical condition for which treatment was given in recent past or is currently given. Diabetes, pregnancy, AIDS, high-blood pressure, heart disease, and even asthma in advanced ages are pre existing conditions that determine eligibility for insurance.


Each agency frames its own regulations for aim insurance. Some insurers allow coverage after a waiting period. Some other insurers refuse outright to cover those having pre-existing conditions. In any case, preexisting conditions put you at a higher risk and companies are reluctant to provide insurance in such cases.

Guaranteed Insurance Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ascertain whether an insurance company can provide guaranteed plan to its clients or not, particularly who have preexisting conditions.

As per HIPAA a pre existing condition is physical or mental state which already exists during the previous six months when a person files for insurance coverage and such state requires medical attention.

The insurance companies have the right to exclude such people from providing insurance and determine them as ineligible. People who are without any form of coverage in the past 63 days can also fall in this category.

Majority of the Americans get coverage from their employers. But this coverage is only till the time the person is with that company, as the person retires or change his or her job, the insurance coverage will cease to exist. When a person files for independent insurance coverage, the insurance company can consult previous employer of the person to determine the eligibility.

Millions of Americans are constantly searching for solid policies. Unscrupulous merchants take advantage of this situation and lure decent people to enroll in fraudulent insurances. These plans that provide guarantee do not provide help to the client in medical emergencies. The promises made iin such insurances are seldom fulfilled. These plans do not have the contractual backing of a reputed insurers and the so-called guaranteed plans unfortunately provide little benefits.


Beware of these fraudulent plans. Visit our discount health card scam page to know how fraudulent telemarketers and merchants deceive unsuspecting Americans with fake insurances.


Our organization commits and provides guaranteed plan that guarantees no denial due to medical conditions that already exists. We provide plan for people who are unable to clear eligibility requirement for any other coverage. Our insurance plan is a real insurance through which our clients can save considerable money through PPO network re-pricing.


We make commitments that can be kept and never deny insurance for health to anyone who is already suffering from medical condition.


We welcome our fellow Americans with personal warmth to enjoy benefits from our unique insurance plans for health without the worries concerning preexisting conditions.


Please visit guaranteed health insurance for details of our plan where pre existing conditions or employment status are not a disqualification.

We will Accept You:


These plans are provided by insurance companies that are ranked high by A.M. Best. Certain policies may put you on waiting period before the coverage begins. for further information call now and consult one of our licensed insurance agent.

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