Health Insurance Guaranteed Plans are a Viable Alternative

Summarized View:

Bret was looking for a guaranteed health insurance plan. The problem was that he was presently unemployed and young. Most of the employers used to provide a type of guaranteed coverage for their employees. Since Bret Sommers still did not have a permanent job, he required a form of guaranteed coverage on his own.


He also required having one of the guaranteed plans at an affordable price as he could not afford costly insurance at the moment.


Individuals on a career change and also those who are searching for their first "real" job are recommended to get enrolled under such plan. They cannot remain uninsured till their employer provides them with insurance.


A major problem with most of these plans is that they have relatively high premiums. There are plans that make employment status a pre-condition for eligibility.

While one of the guaranteed plans could be a solution to problems of many Americans like Bret, a bit of caution is essential in making the correct choice among the plans available. In reality, there are faulty plans being sold on the market that neither offers discount nor financial relief to the client in a real medical emergency.


Pure Insurance is Our Forte


If you are looking for real insurance, your search ends at guaranteed issue . We are the best in the business and offer it at affordable prices.

You will come across many fake companies who offer guaranteed plans only for name sake. And if you do manage to locate an authentic insurer he will charge you heavily for it. . He will want to cover the expenses that he is likely to pay as claim amount.


Contrary to these health plans, our guaranteed coverage have the legal backing of contractual obligations with high quality doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals.
What’s more? You will receive generous discounts with our plans . The guaranteed policies that we provide are real and available at genuine prices.


An added benefit of our program is that you decide the payment schedule. Initially available for a 12 month period, our plans can be extended for any length of time or you can simply pay on a monthly basis. Since our premiums are reasonably priced, your budget will not be broken.


Anyone can buy our  plans. We don’t deny insurance on grounds of health conditions or employment status. We invite Americans with open arms, even people like Bret to come and enjoy the benefits of our real health insurance guaranteed plans.

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