Guaranteed Coverage is Attainable & Affordable

Summarized View:

The law for guaranteed coverage health insurance is still prevalent today and the credit goes to our political leaders for taking this big step. However, the new law for guaranteed coverage will not be of help for every person. For some it is a win-win situation while others are at total loss. For some the situation may get even worse as they will have to shell out more money to keep the coverage current.

People who have taken a new job in a firm that provides health insurance coverage will find themselves in much more comfortable position, provided that they already had a policy in the preceding twelve months. Such people will get instant coverage under the new insurance plan from the employer, even if you are suffering from medical condition.

Guaranteed Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions

This will save many workers from the burden of heavy medical expenses. In case you or your spouse or any of your child is suffering from a chronic ailment such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma or any other condition, then guaranteed coverage becomes really important for you.

Preexisting condition may lock a person to one job, as at times the new company does not provide coverage for such condition or they have no such benefit program at all. So if the worker changes his or her job they may lose their present coverage.

Things look cloudier for people who had to withdraw from group insurance plan completely. The new firm that the person joins may not have health insurance plan in their employee benefit scheme. May be the person is starting his or her own business. In any case you will still e requiring health care insurance, but it will be difficult to enroll in one in case you have pre-existing condition that pose considerable risk.

On an average a person spends around five thousand dollars annually for enrolling his or her family in guaranteed insurance coverage; this cost doubles up if any of the people has medical condition.


Affordable Guaranteed Insurance

Our guaranteed coverage is reasonably priced and is apt for anyone who is experiencing problems getting one. Contrary to others in the market, we offer guaranteed coverage regardless of age, sex, health condition, hobbies, and profession. People, who are engaged in risky occupations, often find it difficult to get insurance. The insurance companies deny them insurance because the risk factor is quite high.


The same goes for people suffering from pre-existing conditions. Most of them face rejection because of the high cost medications and treatment they are subjected to. Providing insurance to such people can be very expensive for the insurers therefore, they prefer not to offer insurance coverage to them.


We Do not Believe in Exclusions


Contrary to others in the market, we do not believe in such exclusions and offer guaranteed coverage to everyone who needs it. You might be surprised with the kind of benefits you will enjoy by joining our guaranteed program. Apart from the amenities that regular insurance gives you, we cover doctor visits, emergency hospitalization and offer amazing discounts on your medications. And you get all this at a pocket-friendly price. We will not rip you off for our personal gains.


So, get going seize this opportunity today!

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