The Search for Individual Insurance

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Kyle, a freelance writer, was told by a friend he can only have dental insurance with a group. But Kyle refused to believe, and prowled for an individual dental insurance company on the Internet.

Kyle is a smart consumer and a lucky one. He found shortly after beginning his online hunt.

We'd like to demolish a myth. You don't have to be employed to be insured. You only need to choose to avail of dental insurance for yourself and you can have it. That's because is an individual dental insurance company. It's also a provider of family dental insurance and group dental insurance. It offers three plans that give you discounted access to almost all of the United States' 125,000 dentists. We give our hats off to this individual dental insurance company.

This individual dental insurance company has three plans to choose from. Plan 1 offers 30 national and regional plans that offer 10% to 60% discounts on most dental procedures. Premiums on individual plans go for as low as $79.95 per year. Plan 2 covers everything dental: from check-ups, simple cleaning to root-canals, crowns and full dentures, and reimburses you per procedure, for as low as $18.50. Plan 3, meanwhile, offers savings of 20% to 60% at rates that start at $11.95 a month per family.

If you are like Kyle who's searching for an individual dental insurance company, then you're a smart consumer and if you're reading this, you're a lucky one, because no other individual dental insurance company offers the same wonderful packages. We're confident that another individual dental insurance company won't be as good.

Remember, dental insurance plans are always available to individuals in America. But you do have to "window shop". In the Internet, you have to search "individual dental insurance company" in search engines to search for the best individual dental insurance company. Luckily though, is THAT individual dental insurance company.

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