A Low Cost Dental Care Love Story

Summarized View:

Manny Pacman was already a raging bull when he got into the ring with Fredric Morales, and vowed to punch out all of Fredric's teeth, aside from punching out his career.

Fredric had been poking fun at Manny for his croaky singing voice on TV. Considering that Manny is selling records with his off-beat rapping, Manny had every reason to be pissed at Fredric's off-ring jab.

Manny knows Fredric doesn't have any form of low cost dental care and schemed for Fredric to be embarrassed as the toothless boxer...Manny began when the fight began.

"Yo, Fredric, ma man... You don't like my singing?"

"Shut up. Just shut up b*tch!"

Manny charged when he heard this and locked Fredric's head with his elbow. He went for his opponent's jaw. Fredric, seeing no other way out, began fondling, stroking Manny's privates.

We won't tell you what happened after the fight (we guess Fredric just watched Brokeback Mountain too many times over). After ending in a truce, the fight was dubbed by commentators as the most Broke Back-ish fight in boxing history. But Fredric did lose his front teeth, which was unprotected by low cost dental care. Manny, also unprotected by low cost dental care, lost his font teeth after loosening his grip on Fredric.

But both boxers don't mind. They're happy about discovering their real selves, and we're happy to report that Fredric and Manny have gotten low cost dental care plans from us here at https://naaip.org/health-insurance/directory, using the same account. We think that the common account for getting low cost dental care is their first "conjugal" property...but we're only guessing. We're happy they finally got low cost dental care from us. At least they can go on fighting without worrying about where to get low cost dental care after.

The same can be said for you. When you get low cost dental care from us, you won't ever have to worry about your teeth's dental health.

So please read on. We'd be more than glad to tell you more about our low cost dental care.

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