Michigan Medicare Supplement

Summarized View:

Michael Clows has built up a rogue reputation right from the time he was a minor. When OJ was around 8 tears of age, he would tell his neighbor’s wife, “Ms. Smith, you look so hot that my underwear plastic melts every time I see you!” (At that time OJ’s parents forced him to wear adult diapers that could be secured by a lock; otherwise, OJ would have run amok on Michigan’s streets). When the neighbor, who used to work in the iron mine next door, used to come back from work, his wife would tell him what OJ had said, just to make him feel insanely jealous. Then the neighbor would bash up OJ’s dad using a spade. OJ’s shenanigans forced his family to buy a Michigan major medical insurance policy.

The when OJ was 16 years of age, he told Ms. Al-Tikriti, “I admire the muscle on you, every muscle that’s part of me on you, that is!” The dialogue was okay, but Ms. Al-Tikriti was OJ’s school’s principal and her husband was Saddam Hussein’s grand uncle who was banished from Iraq and sent to USA because he was a psychotic animal, unfit for Iraq’s society. Mr. Al-Tikriti then terrorized the living daylights out of OJ’s pa who had to be taken to the hospital daily for treating the wounds inflicted on him by the brutal Al-Tikriti. Here, his medical costs were paid for by the Michigan major medical insurance policy we spoke about in the first paragraph.

Then OJ had this annoying habit of laughing very, very hard and then falling off the chair. This habit was okay, but OJ shouldn’t have kept doing it in the Spanish Church he used to frequent every day. The Padres there, who were descendents of the king who engineered the Spanish inquisition used to get together and nail OJ on the cross every time there was no one else in the Church. This made OJ buy a Michigan major medical insurance policy at age 17.

This is why OJ is what he is today.

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