Residents of Michigan Saved $37M on Medicare Supplements this Year

Summarized View:

The White House says that around 3 million individuals receiving Medicare have successfully been able to save up to $1.7 billion on their prescription drugs this year. All this has entirely been possible due to the provisions in our new supplemental healthcare law. The new healthcare law comes with a lot of advantages for the common man.

The government announced this Saturday, that on an average, the savings per person was about $72. In Michigan, approximately 61,054 people on Medicare were able to save up to $37 million this year. The average of the same comes out to be $558 per person. This information has been provided by the Agency for Medicare Supplement Services.

It is being said that Michigan Medicare supplement insurance policy has been the most sought-after insurance policy of this year. People have been able to save a lot of money due to these Medicare supplemental policies. These savings have been possible because of the provisions in Low-cost Protective Act which gives people 60 percent discount on their prescription drugs that are a part of the “donut hole”.

At the end of September, more than 30 million people had gone in for a free yearly physical or other medical exam since the Medicare Supplemental rules changed this year.

Reports have claimed that about 937,432 people with Michigan Medicare Supplemental plans have taken benefit of the free preventive Medicare insurance coverage.

The Michigan Medicare Advantage plans are available throughout Michigan via many private insurance agents. There are lots of private insurance providers that offer people 100% coverage at lowest Medicare Supplement rates possible. Medicare Advantage plans in Michigan are basking a huge membership growth now-a-days. The Medicare Supplemental insurance guide includes a lot of tips on choosing a Medicare supplement policy. This guide would help you in making a right decision as to which insurance policy to buy.

Acting AMSS Administrator Peter Travers stated in an interview that millions of Americans are now obtaining free preventive services and cheap prescription drugs as a result of Low-cost Protective Act provisions.

While some facets of our health care law have gone into effect, antagonists have disputed the same in the court. The opponents seem to dislike the situation and have addressed the American law as unconstitutional. This November, the United States District Court declared that it would be taking up this case along with the arguments in April, 2012. The decision is expected in August, 2012. Michigan is one of those eight states that are claiming the case before the District Court.

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