Freeloading Personal Dental Plans

Summarized View:

Grace Petersen found herself out of job and out of luck one day after quarreling with her supervisor. She spent months freeloading on her friends.

She didn't really like to apply for a job since as long her friends were helping her out. Just then an ad popped out for personal dental plan agents. It promised plenty of bucks – 50% commission on the first year of a personal dental plan – and the chance to work at her own pace, without any supervisor breathing down her neck.

Now that's the job I like, she thought. And she clicked on the ad to become a certified personal dental plan agent.

Of course, Grace's first prospects for personal dental plans were her suffering friends. One of them was Jack Panders.

It was a Friday when Bud opened the door to Grace's incessant knocking. (Friday was Bud's day for freeloading.) He didn't look too happy to see her.

"So, did you come to take advantage of my kindness to use the television or did you come to spend some quality time with your gay friend who goes by the name of Jack Panders?"

With the thought of selling a personal dental plan at the back of her mind, Grace raised her eyebrows and smiled a (fake) wide smile. "Yes?"

"Oh, come in and give me a hug."

A little after that, Jack yelled.

"You, you beyatch! You came in here just to sell me a personal dental plan?!"

"Well, Jack, I just thought you still don't have a personal dental plan. You need a personal dental plan, you know, if you want to hook up with the good looking guys."

Jack narrowed his eyes at Grace.

"And what makes you think I don't have a personal dental plan yet? I have one great personal dental plan from Yours is ba-humbug."

Grace stood up from the couch put her hands on her hips. "And what makes you say that?"

Jack stood up. "Because I know you don't have any personal dental plan. So out, out beyatch."

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