Mutt-ly Individual Dental Insurance

Summarized View:

Kevin Federlyn was munching on the last of his Cheetos when he felt the searing pain again on the left side of his gum, at a place where a wisdom tooth should be growing.

"Ouch," Kevin screamed. Just then, the last bit fell from his hand to the gaping mouth of his dog Britney.

Kevin groaned, grabbed Britney's head and shook it so hard the dog cried.

On other days, Kevin would've been playing Britney and stroking her belly. But with gum pain striking him at odd moments, Kevin can't help but be cranky. Even his girlfriend Cristina is staying away from him.

"Go get yourself some individual dental insurance before you even think about calling me again," Christina told Kevin just before she stormed out of his place.

Kevin is onto a second trip to childhood – he's teething again - and he's throwing tantrums too.

Now Kevin remembers what Christina said about individual dental insurance: he really should get, and fast, before his dog avoids him too.

With no Internet connection at home to help him find information on insurance, Kevin picked up the phone to call Christina to ask for her help on individual dental . (We know Kevin also wanted to piss his girlfriend off by calling before getting himself dental insurance.)

Kevin braced himself when Christina picked up the phone.

"Hey, honey, could you help me get an insurance?"

"You. Have. Some. Nerve. I thought I told you not to call until you got an individual dental insurance? Didn't I tell you about and its insurance plans?"

The pain shot again. Kevin struggled to make his words clear.

"Yah-aww, you told me to get some individual dental insurance and all that. But I don't have intarrr-net connnection heere. Can't do mu – ouch without it."

Lucky for Kevin, Christina heard Britney's barking cries in the background and thought of saving the mutt from misery.

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