The Devil Wants Medical & Dental

Summarized View:

Howard Corteen makes a living as an exorcist – casting demons out of people who are possessed, or think they are (it's the latter for the most part).

He goes to work wearing a black trench coat and with his suitcase full of paraphernalia – a wooden cross, a bottle of holy water and some guns custom-made for blasting demons. Successful for the most part, one day Howard was on the verge of ruining his reputation as a very good exorcist when a devil wouldn't be forced outside the body of 20 year old Laliita.

Slightly bruised and very tired, Howard rested across the bed where Laliita was tied up. Lighting his red Marlboro, Howard struck up a conversation with the devil.

"You S-O-B. Why won't you leave her alone?"

"Not in a million years, priest."

"I'm not a priest, you devil. I'm Howard Corteen, exorcist."

"Har Har Har. No wonder."

"And what do you mean by that?"

"Don't you ever talk to other devils when you go to hell? They love you for your sulfuric breath"

Howard reflected his breath with his palm and tried to smell it. He cringed.

The devil continued, "They think you're one of them. You should get a medical dental plan. This chick sells them medical dental plans. Har Har Har."

"And since when did you become an agent for medical dental plans?"

"Har har har. I'm not a medical dental plan agent, priest. I'm just a devil who doesn't like bad breath. That's why I got this chick, so I can get a medical dental plan. And I'm not getting out until you get both of us medical dental plans."

At that point, Howard realized that he can't argue with a devil who tells the truth. He does need a medical dental plan. And so he got out his laptop, got on-line, and enrolled himself and the devil in a medical dental plan from .

Howard then arranged for a dental home visit with the medical dental plans. Eight dentists later (the first seven fainted at the sight of the devil), Howard finally got the demon out. Thanks to's medical dental plans.

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