Modeling Low Cost Dental Health Insurance

Summarized View:

Twenty year-old Vanessa Grahams couldn't believe her ears when she heard the news over the phone. After a thousand rejections and a hundred near-clinchers, she's finally landed a modeling job.

Siegfred, her nearly-frustrated agent, shared the news to her.

"Whew, girl. I've finally gotten you a contract. I had to negotiate really hard for them to get you."

Vanessa couldn't decide if she was going to be thankful or feel sorry for herself.

"Okay, Siegfred. Thanks for that. So, what's the project that I landed?"

"Low cost dental health insurance."

The "low cost" in Siegfred's mention of low cost dental health insurance made Vanessa somehow uneasy. But she tried not betray the uneasiness in her voice, and tried to inject some jest to her low cost dental health insurance.

"Oh, okay. Am I going to be paid with low cost dental health insurance? "

"I think so. Hehe. But that's aside from professional fees. Your project is actually for the low cost dental health insurance website of The previous model was paid quite a sum, aside from her professional fee."

Sensing her hesitation, Siegfred continued.

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart. You might just get more projects for low cost dental health insurance. I'm sure you'll agree that modeling for a low cost dental health insurance website is more glamorous than waiting tables... Anyway you have a shoot tomorrow. See you here at 10AM."

Vanessa did come to our shoot for low cost dental health insurance. We hate to say that our photographer didn't agree to shooting Vanessa after seeing her teeth. He thought they were too yellow, and didn't think a touch up with photoshop would do the trick.

But we did see Vanessa's potential and thought she'd be good at phone inquiries on low cost dental health insurance and telemarketing low cost dental health insurance products.

As for Vanessa herself, she's dashed her hopes of breaking into modeling and instead is concentrating on fattening her bank account selling low cost dental health insurance for us.

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