We Do Not Exhort You To Buy A Family Plan

Summarized View:

The meeting of the Mafia Dons was in progress. Don Tattaglia spoke, “My friends, I feel the time has come to start a racket in selling family dental discount plans.”

All the Dons froze in the room. The idea of Mafia Dons starting a racket in family dental discount plans seemed so wild to them. After a few minutes of silence the dons began warming up to the idea.

There was only one Don who didn’t like the idea – he was Don Corleone, “You should act like a man, Don Tattaglia. Selling family dental discount plans seems like a job for Hollywood finnochios. I think we should stay put with our original business of selling health insurance policies.” Don Corleone said.

“Don Corleone, the world is changing. There are millions of families out there in America. If we apply pressure on them they will buy a family dental discount plan each. Think about it. Millions of bucks, it’s a good racket!” Don Tattaglia shot back.

“I’m sorry Don Tattaglia, I do not want that every family in America to be forced to buy a family dental discount plan. You do not have my assistance.” Don Corleone mumbled calmly.

The room fell silent. All the Dons were dejected – now they couldn’t sell family dental discount plans! Just then, Don Robert DeNiro got up. He had a baseball bat in his hand. He walked over to Don Corleone and whacked him on the head many times with the baseball bat.

“Somebody messes with my new family dental discount plan business, I'm gonna mess with him! I got this #$%^ Don Corleone right where he breathes! I got this nancy-boy Don Corleone, DEAD! Now I want his family DEAD! I want his house burned to the GROUND! Anyone else has a problem with us selling these #$%^ing family dental discount plans?” Don Robert DeNiro screamed waving his baseball bat around.

No one had any objections and a resolution was passed authorizing each Don to sell family dental discount plans in his territory.

The moral of this story is that you should not be exhorted into buying a family dental discount plan. Instead, buy your family dental discount plan peacefully from www.naaip.org. Y’know, we can give you the best possible family dental discount plan because we are networked with the best family dental discount plan companies in the business. Go ahead; take a family dental discount plan from us; We’ll make you an offer you cannot refuse!

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