Connecticut Health Insurance Plans

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Have you ever given a thought about what would happen if you or any of your close family members falls sick? Oh, such a dreadful situation it would be.

The question that now arises is how to curb this situation? Well, it is not possible to forestall an unfortunate event from occurring but we can at least take necessary steps in order to handle it when it falls upon us.

If you are staying in Connecticut and are looking forward for the best available rates for Connecticut health insurance plans then there are large numbers of options for you to take into consideration.

Most commonly, the best rates for Connecticut health insurance plans are afforded to the employers with a huge employee base.

Nevertheless, if you just left your job or are unemployed or self-employed, there are large numbers of health insurance options for you too. You just need to do a bit of research and you will find out the best affordable rates for your health insurance.

Here are some of the options that you can check out while purchasing Connecticut health insurance plans for you or your family:

  1. Recently unemployed: If you were laid off from your work not too long ago, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) enables you to carry on the insurance coverage provided by your company patronized Connecticut health insurance plans for everybody who is willing to go on giving the monthly premiums.

    Understand, even so, your employer is no more liable for giving their part of your insurance premiums, so consider paying more for the same insurance coverage. COBRA insurance coverage holds up for about 18 months.

  2. Unemployed further than COBRA: Health Reinsurance Association of Connecticut (HRA) renders choices for individuals who have expelled their COBRA advantages.

    HRA is a nonprofit affiliation of insurance companies and HMO's who render health insurance coverage in Connecticut.

    They extend three kinds of Connecticut health insurance plans (Portability Plan) for people. You can pick out from PPO, HMO, and SHCP plan.

    To qualify for any one of the three Connecticut health insurance plans, one must always be just below 65 years of age and have possessed insurance coverage for at least 1.5 years.

    One must always, all the same, apply for insurance coverage before the expiry any insurance coverage you presently own. Based on which plan you decide on, other qualifications may pertain.

  3. Self Employed: Prior to applying for health insurance if you are self employed, get in contact with the Connecticut State Insurance Department. They possess a list of various insurance firms that are ready to provide insurance to the self employed.

    Apart from the propositions above, in case you are a member of a group association, you could potentially be able to get health insurance coverage via that association. Invariably check around for more than one quote prior to coming to any sort of conclusion.
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