How Paris Made Britney Spears Buy A PPO Plan?

Summarized View:

Paris Hilton’s lifetime ambition was to make her best buddy, Britney Spears buy a PPO dental plan because that fool girl was always talking too much and Paris was afraid that one day Britney’s teeth would all fall off and she would have to spend a bomb on getting them fixed. Britney did not want to buy a PPO dental plan because Paris was forcing her to.

But today was different. Today Paris was sure that she would make Britney buy a PPO dental plan. She had made her plans.

“Paris, darling, my feet are growing bigger. Look I can’t fit them into my bathroom shoes.” Britney wailed to her best buddy Paris.

“And that’s all because you haven’t yet bought a PPO dental plan yet, sweetie!” Paris chidingly replied.

“Rubbish,” Britney sneered, as she made her way into the bathroom.

“Paris, darling, my toothpaste is tasting salty. Is there something wrong with me you’ve noticed, sweetie?” Britney shouted from the bathroom.

“That’s all because you haven’t yet bought a PPO dental plan yet, sweetie!” Paris chidingly and snickeringly replied.

“What does a PPO dental plan have to do with salty toothpaste, Paris? Control yourself! Jesus, my soap is not lathering, I’m unable to open my bottle of shampoo and my bubble bath mix is smelling like cheese! Help me Paris, something’s gone wrong with me. Am I turning into a weak giant or something?”

“That’s all because you haven’t yet bought a PPO dental plan yet, sweetie! Come outta there now, baby” Paris chidingly, snickeringly and evilly replied.

“Gawd, Paris, I’m going crazy – my underpants have become too small for me and this bathroom door is not opening. I’m turning into a weakling giant, (sob) (sob).” Britney screamed from inside the bathroom door as she fainted.

The doctors prescribed 3 months of intensive trauma care for Britney who was extracted from the bathroom shivering with fright. Paaris was happy that Britney had now agreed to buy a PPO dental plan. He, he, Paris snickered: Britney didn’t know that Paris had stuffed cotton into Britney’s bathroom shoes, added salt to the toothpaste, coated the soaps with enamel paint, glued the caps of the shampoo bottle, filled the bubble bath bottle with cream cheese, substituted small underpants of the same brand and applied Vaseline on the bathroom inside-door knob.

The moral of this story is that you shouldn’t wait for Paris Hilton to play pranks on you, thereby forcing you to buy a PPO dental plan. Why don’t you buy your PPO dental plan online from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible PPO dental plan policy because we are networked with the best PPO dental plan companies in the business. Go ahead; take a PPO dental plan from us; unless you want to wait for Paris to come into your life!

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