Huntzing PPP Dental

Summarized View:

Alfred Huntz couldn't contain the welling of his tears after talking to his boss for over an hour. He was being laid off because his web design company was not doing well.

This company had been the most fun so far and had the fairest and best employee benefits that include Ppo Dental Plans. He had hoped to stay very long at the company. He didn't, at all, expect the company to retire on himself first.

He broke the news to Evie, his wife, when they had dinner. He was pensively looking inside the glass of water in his hand when he began to talk.

"Honey, would you still love me if I didn't anymore have a job? I just got laid off today. My boss told me some B-S about the company not doing financially well and how most of us had to go."

Evie's fork fell on her plate. Evie's head turned sharply towards her husband. "What? Oh my God? What about our existing Ppo dental plans. I have a dentist's appointment next week!"

"Is that all you care about? Our Ppo dental plans? What about my not having a job anymore?"

Evie tried to compose herself and put her hand on her husband's shoulder. "Of course, I still love you, hun. But I'm also worried about the Ppo dental plans because if we don't any Ppo dental plans, we might make us bankrupt and our dentist rich."

Alfred's face lighted up, but not quite. "I'm glad you have our finances in mind when you were worrying about our Ppo dental plans. But how can you be so insensitive and not worry about how I feel? Did you know that I can still get Ppo dental plans from even if I'm not employed?"

Evie made an effort to have that puppy-eyed look since it always worked with her husband.

Alfred couldn't bear the look his wife's face. "Ow, all right! You can worry about our Ppo dental plans as much as you like. Ppo dental plans. Damn those Ppo dental plans. Ppo dental plans. Ppo dental plans."

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