Medical And Dental Insurance Policies Need Premiums To Live

Summarized View:

“Britney, my cutie-patootie, I am a bit worried about my medical and dental insurance policy, sweetie. Today Starvos Niarchos told me that we get heavier as we grow older because of all the information in our heads, baby. And, here’s my medical and dental insurance policy not picking up any weight as it grows older, Britney. I’m so scared now!” A trembling Paris Hilton confided to her friend Britney Spears.

“Paris, my fancy-schmancy-nancy, you are worried about your medical and dental insurance policy while I am more concerned about more important issues – Do you know I’m more worried about bananas not growing any bones in them despite being loaded with calcium! And there you go talking about your stupid medical and dental insurance policy! Hmmph!” Britney shot back, annoyed.

“Gosh-Darn Britney, you must understand that both of us are not ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur, my namby-pamby. So, it is important that our medical and dental insurance policy gains weight with time, Ms. Va-va-voom thighs!” Paris shouted into the phone.

“Hmm, you may be having a point there. In fact even my ex-husband was saying the same thing as your boyfriend. Even I weighed my medical and dental insurance policy yesterday and I noticed it hadn’t picked up weight. But that was because I hadn’t paid my premiums, sweetie. I paid my premiums today and the company told me my medical and dental insurance policy was all fine and solid now. Are you sure you’ve paid your premiums on your medical and dental insurance policy my girl?” Britney enquired.

“Oooh, Britney, you are so intelligent! As life is important to all Americans, premiums are important to all medical and dental insurance policies. Goodbye, my friend, goodbye!” Paris signed off.

The moral of this story is that you must always pay your premiums on your medical and dental insurance policy on time.

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