The Deal on Dental Providers

Summarized View:

Bryan Auerman, a video editor in Chicago, just got TWO painful jabs that told him he needs to get an insurance dental provider plan; one was to his left molar, the other to his wallet.

He has no other to blame but the Hershey's and the Cadbury's that make his way to his mouth practically every minute. (We believe him when we said he wouldn't have had it any other way.) The inevitable came for him when his dental x-ray showed a left molar to be badly decaying. The dentist said he should get himself a root canal, or else replace the tooth with a false tooth.

Opting for the root canal, Bryan had to plunk his $800 in the dentist's cash register. There goes my dental provider, he thought.

Now we all know that regular dental provider visits not only ensure healthy teeth and gums, it can also detect early stages of cancer. We also know this is probably why 60% of Americans visit their dental providers regularly. But we'd like for you to know this other, more important, fact: you don't have to make your dental provider rich.

There are so many dental providers out there that can give you your money's worth for every trip to the dentist. These are the dental providers that give CHOICE on dental plans. You can receive DEEP DISCOUNTS on dental procedures, or plans that reimburse you for the expenses you incur from visiting your dental provider. makes sure you get all the benefits you need with its dental provider plans – deep discounts or reimbursements on dental procedures, and access to the most competent (and we daresay expensive) dentists.

We are one dental provider that walks the talk with its philosophy of high quality but cheap dental provider plans: these plans are now accessible to ALL people in America.

Really now, we just don't believe you should be paying so much money to your dental provider.

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