Spirituality 101: Dental Health Insurance Quote

Summarized View:

Joey Marquez is a notorious salsa dancer. He has two left feet for dancing. Unfortunately for the ladies at El Vivo bar, Joey thinks he's a lady killer with his offbeat salsa groove.

Joey did kill women -- with a major turn off. But he didn't seem to notice it until a sign from heaven came. He was dancing a bit too violently one night when he felt a searing pain in his gums. It was so bad, he held on to the breasts of his unwilling partner for support. Needless to say, he got another pain from the slap on his cheek.

Beaten by the pain, he went home, took an ice pack and put it on his cheeks. He slumped morosely on the couch and on the TV after awhile. The only channel available was the gospel channel.

The TV minister was talking animatedly to his congregation.

"God knows everything you need before you even ask for it... If you've got some bad aching gums, someone is going to tell you to pick up the phone and ask for a dental health insurance quote. That someone is also going to tell you to go on-line and and ask for a dental health insurance quote if the phone doesn't work. So if you're aching, go get a dental health insurance quote. I repeat: dental health insurance quote."

"dental health insurance quote," the congregation replied.

Joey fell off his seat. Indeed, how could God have known he needed dental health insurance quote? How did he ask the minister to talk about dental health insurance quote for his inspirational talk? Joey was soooo astounded by the synchronicity of dental health insurance quote in his inner realms and outer spaces, he actually picked up the phone and asked for a dental health insurance quote right away. But it took him sometime to figure out he was actually talking to the operator of AT&T, not a dental health insurance quote company.

Thankfully and thank God, Joey has an Internet connection at home and he subsequently got a dental health insurance quote from us here at https://naaip.org. Giving dental health insurance quotes is something we do notoriously well.

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