Precious Dental Health Insurance Small Business

Summarized View:

Rudy Pronche makes his money running and owning Pronche pizza in downtown Manhattan.

He's seen a lot of faces - majority of them his customers and many of them his employees. He hasn't had a single employee who's worked for him for more than six months. Rudy wonders about it sometimes, but manages to move the thought to the back of his mind... That was until Angela Lauder walked up to him after munching on a slice of New York special. She applied to be a waitress then.

Angela is drop dead gorgeous, raven-haired beauty. Working at Pronche's had proved good for the business (expectedly, more men came). But Angela stopped working suddenly. Pacing back and forth in his small business space, Rudy wondered what he could have done wrong. He stopped momentarily at a corner when he heard a chant through the pipe-in music system. It sounded like the horrible, horrible chanting of Smeagol. But the audible reached his ears anyway.

my precious ... dental health insurance small business ... my precious... dental health insurance small business ... precious.... dental health insurance small business ... preh-cious... dental health insurance small business ... preh-cious ... dental health insurance small business ... preh-cious... dental health insurance small business... prey-shus.... dental health insurance small business...prey-shus dental health insurance small business

Rudy coudn't take it any longer after five minutes of listening to the dental health insurance small business over and over again. Covering his ears, he rushed to the room where the main sound system was.

There was Angela, on the microphone still chanting "Dental Health Insurance Small Business" in her Smeagol mimic.

Rudy couldn't find his voice. It was Angela who stopped herself from muttering "dental health insurance small business." She put down the microphone and walked towards Rudy, who stood frozen at the door.

She whispered something in his ear. He nodded. Shortly after that, Rudy called and got a Dental Health Insurance Small Business plan from so he could give all of his employees.

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