Throwing a Tantrum Over a Cheap Dental Plan

Summarized View:

Twenty seven year old Ryan Reynolds is elated that he finally got the first prize that he ever won in his life – a cheap dental plan.

Having suffered too long from bad teeth and bad breath, he's more than glad to know he's finally got the solution to his woes. But on his first trip to the dentist, he got shocked. The dentist was not on his cheap dental plan's network.

It was actually his fault that he didn't check if the dentist was on the network, but it didn't stop Ryan from throwing a tantrum inside the clinic. Evie, the woman at the desk, was covering her nose as he ranted.

"You tell me I can't get a cleaning? I worked hard to win this cheap dental plan and you tell me I can't use it?"

[Still covering her nose.] "Well, you can get a cleaning, sir. But you'll have to pay the full fees because we're not on the network of your cheap dental plan."

"I don't care if you're not on the network of my cheap dental plan. I just want my cleaning NOW!"

[Still covering her nose.] "So you're going to pay $100 for that?"

"Hell, no. I won this cheap dental plan and I want to use it."

Evie, still covering her nose, widened her eyes as she said, "If you want to use a cheap dental plan, you can. But not from the company that gave you your cheap dental plan. Ain't no such thing as a free lunch, cheapskate. If you want good service, you're going to have to pay for it." Ryan fell silent and, after a few long seconds, stared long and hard at his cheap dental plan card. He looked at Evie's covering of her nose.

He covered his mouth as he began to speak. "So you're not on the network of my cheap dental plan?"

Evie nodded, still covering her nose.

He continued, "So, where do I get the cheap dental plan that I can use on you?"

" You can actually get a cheap dental plan from them on-line."

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