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After working for five years as a mechanic, Ed Storks now wants a career change.

At 6"4', he looks every inch a man at that height. And he's blessed that his his lean, slightly muscular body is paired with a soft face that's framed by wavy hair.

A modeling agent he met at a bar once remarked to him that he'd be good model.

Looking at the orange-y autumn sky during a break, Ed asked himself, "why should I?". But he asked himself one more: why not?

He took out his pocket and retrieved the modeling agent's business card and went straight to the secretary's office.

That he came into her office during a break did not escape Molly.

"That was unusual. Are you going to go full blast on modeling?"

Ed smiled a sheepish smile. "Yeah, I might. But the agent told me to have my teeth cleaned for next week's shoot."

"Wow, that's great!"

"Great? It would be great if I have dental insurance, but I don't."

Molly smiled a big smile. "That's easy, Ed. I can get you a dental insurance online quote from https://naaip.org. You can choose a cheap dental plan from the dental insurance online quote, you know."

"But how can I use that dental insurance online quote if our company doesn't give us dental insurance? Can I get a plan from that dental insurance online quote by myself?"

Molly nodded. She outlined a smile as she slowly raised her head to meet Ed's eyes. "Either that or I get a dental insurance online quote for you."

Ed sensed some pleasant danger. "Okay, Molly. If you like to get a dental insurance online quote for me, then get a dental insurance online quote for me... But tell me, how much would it cost me for you to get a dental insurance online quote? I know I'm going to have to pay someone because to get a dental insurance online quote for me because I don't know how to use the Internet."

Molly's smile was a tad too wide when she heard Ed. "You can pay me anything, Ed. Just don't pay me with a dental plan that you'll get from the dental insurance online quote.I already had mine when I got a dental insurance online quote for myself."

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