Britney's Ex Feels Nostalgic about their Individual Health & Dental Plan

Summarized View:

“I remember the day when Britney sat on my lap and together we bought an individual health and dental plan each from a super website,” Jason Alexander sobbed on the shoulder of the CNN’s talk show host, Larry King.

“I’m sure that must have been a sunrise romantic moment in your life. Even my 4th wife sat on my lap and together we bought an individual health and dental plan from the same site. Talk about coincidences. But, that woman broke my thighbones – she was that heavy – and that led to our split. What about Britney, did she break any of your thighbones or femur, by any chance, and if she did, did it lead to your split?

“Thighbones, Larry, you are joking, my friend,” Jason continued to sob and dribble violently, “Britney was decked up in leather bondage fashion and just after we bought our individual health and dental plans, she grabbed me by my elastic mini thong and proceeded to whip me non-stop for 54 hours! Her bodyguards held me when she was doing this! Waaah!”

“Really, Jason! That is news to me! What happened next? Did you admit yourself in a hospital and take full advantage of your spanking new individual health and dental plan?”

“No, I couldn’t take advantage of my beautiful individual health and dental plan, Larry, as I had just bought it. I had to pay for the hospitalization costs! Waaah! And then after beating me up mercilessly, Britney divorced me immediately. She broke me physically and mentally, Larry!”

“I sympathize fully with you, Jason. I remember the time my 5th wife plugged in loads of starch in my tighty-tights because she wanted something upright in my life. That mischievous woman addicted me to starch after that, Jason. Jason, will you marry me?” Larry asked

“Eh! What? Marry you! Aaahhh!” Jason Alexander passed out. It was too much for Jason to take. But at least his individual health and dental plan would take care of him because its waiting period was over.

The moral of this story is that every individual health and dental plan has a waiting period and that teaches you to be patient. If you haven’t yet bought an individual health and dental plan and if you want to learn patience, then are you looking for one? Y’know, our site is networked with the best online individual health and dental companies and when you deal with us you are assured of a super individual health and dental plan. Go ahead; take an individual health and dental plan from us; we won’t ditch you in 55 hours!

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