Buy Individual Dental Insurance in a World Gone Violent

Summarized View:

“Hey, Mel Gibson, first of all I hope and trust you have bought yourself an individual dental insurance plan. Second of all, look at this cool pinky balloon and teddy bear I’ve brought for you. See, I just released the balloon and now it’s floating in the air. Now, Mel, imagine the balloon is a Jew and do something about it, go for it!” OJ told his best pal Mel.

Mel looked at the balloon and flew into a rage. He kicked it and punched it for 5 whole minutes. OJ looked on with an evil grin playing on his face. Then, suddenly, Mel pricked the balloon and the balloon exploded into Mel’s face and he started laughing like a crazed idiot.

“Ha, ha, ha, Mel, I filled laughing gas into the balloon which has gone into your mouth! That’s why I asked you if you had bought an individual dental insurance plan! Ha, ha, ha!” OJ was hysterical too as some of the laughing gas had entered his nose and his mouth.

After laughing for 5 hours non-stop, Mel offered a drink to OJ. As soon as OJ finished his drink, his eyes bulged, his nose dripped saliva and his mouth oozed goobers. That was because Mel had mixed ammonium nitrate in OJ’s drink and the ammonium nitrate had exploded in OJ’s dental orifice.

“Ha, ha, ha, look who needs an individual dental insurance plan now! It’s my turn to watch you and have some fun now. Boy, this individual dental insurance plan is sure hot on my charts!” A sadistic Mel watched OJ as he writhed on the ground begging for succor.

Writhing on the ground OJ pressed the red button of the detonator in his pocket and the Teddy Bear, which he had presented to Mel Gibson, exploded because OJ had stuffed in a C-4 plastic explosive inside. Both men passed out and had to be taken to the hospital. Both didn’t use their individual dental insurance plans because their treatment was administered by a Surgeon, not a dentist.

The moral of this story is that you can use your individual dental insurance plan only while visiting your dentist.

Guys, if you’re looking for an individual dental insurance plan, why don’t you take it from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible individual dental insurance plan because we are networked with the best individual dental insurance companies in the business. Go ahead; take an individual dental insurance plan from us; before the world gets any more violent!

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