Affordable Family Dental Care Unites Families

Summarized View:

My grandfather is a crazy guy. He has 2 Doberman pet dogs; sometime back he also had a pet Cheshire cat who was mutated by the Doberman gang. He thinks Audrey Hepburn’s h**ter’s were the sexiest in Hollywood and his favorite s*x movie is War and Peace. He has a health insurance policy and his dental problems are covered by an affordable family dental care policy.

My father is a small time lawyer and a big time fan of Michael Jackson and WWE. He spends half his time filing stupid cases against the government (his last case argued that the American government has not taken any steps to reduce radiation from the sun and instead they had taken kickbacks from the sunglass industry). The other half of his time is spent on discussing when I’m going to get a pad of my own. He too is covered in the same affordable family dental care policy I spoke about in the last paragraph.

My mother is a psychic – well, at least she thinks so – and she spends the whole day reading tarot cards and trying to predict when her customer’s ovaries will start jingling or when their bank balance will start tingling. It’s a bunch of nonsense and I would have told her so, but what’s keeping me from saying that is, she’s in charge of doling me my pocket money. She too is covered by that same affordable family dental care policy.

That brings the wheel on to me. I am a nerd and am doing my computer science, which I hope to complete in the next decade or so. I normally trip on menthol-laced cigarettes and fantasize about sleeping around with mature women. I’ve got yellow teeth and have to pay frequent visits to my dentist for check-ups which are free thanks to that affordable family dental care policy.

The moral of this story is that an affordable family dental care policy is a slice of Americana as it brings together diversity within the family. So, would you like to stand united with your family? If yes, then why not buy an affordable family dental care policy from Y’know, we can give you the best possible affordable family dental care policy because we are networked with the best affordable family dental care policy companies in the business. Go ahead; take an affordable family dental care policy from us; We’ll unite you with your family!

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