Stretching Total Dental Care

Summarized View:

Sharee Evans knows a thing or two about applying yoga to her daily life. She likes to dwell on totality – on the bigger picture or the whole package. She also likes to stretch a lot too – and by that we mean a lot of things.

A yoga instructor, Sharee sometimes tries to stretch herself to spiritual enlightenment. She also tries to stretch her earthly budget. She earns a decent, earthly living as an all-around beautician by day, and yoga instructor by night.

In both lines of work, Sharee gets to meet a lot of people who offer her a lot of opportunities to earn more, spend more, or to get a love life. A tall guy seemed to flash the sign "I can give you a love life" when he came into her yoga class. He asked her out to dinner on his third session.

The lights were dim when they came to Gerry's Taj Mahal and Karaoke. Smiling like a shy school girl on her first date, Marianne's mood understandably changed when the guy began stretching the conversation to – total dental care!

Bad timing for talking about total dental care. But Sharee is a master at patience, and so she stretched her patience to listen to the guy's litany about this that promises to give her total dental care. Of course, Sharee is not letting the guy in on her secret – that she already has total dental care from, and that she has had this total dental care ever since. She's not about to let go of her total dental care too.

We just had to laugh when Sharee told of us of this total dental care incident. It isn't everyday that we hear about total dental care stories like hers. We just feel sorry for the guy who had to hard sell his total dental care plan. He definitely won't be talking to Sharee about total dental care again.

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