Dental And Vision Insurance is a Dream Come True

Summarized View:

President’s George Bush’s body was twitching and his pupils were dilating. He was having a dream. He dreamed of falling off a cliff and landing in the arms of Venezuelan President, Chavez. Damn! Bush dreamed, now he would have to use his dental and vision insurance policy along with his health plan to treat the bruises he received from the fall.

After George Bush fell into the arms of Chavez, his nightmare got a little worse: he saw the North-Korean leader Kim standing on the side with a whip in his hand. Kim lashed his whip at Bush, missed completely and instead struck himself on the mouth/eye area of the face. Ha, ha, Bush grinned in his sleep – now that idiot would need to buy a dental and vision insurance policy to treat his bruises.

Now, Bush was tossing and turning on his bed. These dental and vision insurance policy dreams sure were fun. In the background Bush saw Condeleza Rice dancing with Dick Cheney. Condi was wearing a swimsuit and Dick was sporting a 2-piece bikini. Couldn’t Condi see that Dick was 100% Nancy-pants, Bush thought to himself, grinning ear to ear in his sleep. Boy such poor eyesight, Condi sure needed a dental and vision insurance policy! Bush was beginning to enjoy this cool dental and vision insurance policy dream now.

All of a sudden, Saddam came in from nowhere and Chavez pulled out a machine gun. Placing the machine gun in Saddam’s mouth, Chavez fired 10,999 bullets. Ha, ha, Bush was now laughing in his sleep: Even Chavez had bad eyesight – instead of killing Dick, he’d knocked over that boob, Saddam. Now even Chavez needed a dental and vision insurance policy!

Just then Kim got up and sat himself down on Bush’s chest. Bust felt a heavy load on his chest. He woke up sweating profusely; he didn’t want his dental and vision insurance policy dream to end that way. Suddenly, Bush saw something sitting on his chest, “Is that you, Barney?” Bush enquired, thinking Barney (his dog) would have parked himself on his chest out of love and affection.

“No, it’s me fun-boy. Are you ready for some aerie-faerie stuff, hmm? Stiff upper lip and all that, eh?” Tony Blair replied. He was sitting on Bush’s chest in the middle of the night holding a whip in his hand. Bush passed out.

The moral of this story is that you can’t buy a dental and vision insurance policy in your dreams. Why don’t you buy your big discount dental plan in reality, online from us, Y’know, we can give you the best possible dental and vision insurance policy because we are networked with the best dental and vision insurance companies in the business. Go ahead; take a dental and vision insurance policy from us; it’s a dream, not a nightmare!

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