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Health Insurance Product Plans*

We are industry leaders providing an online solution for those seeking medical plans. With the support of our associated companies, more than 70% people who suffer from pre-existing conditions are receiving health coverage.

Our insurance products completely follow the federal rules related to all the medical plans/policies. Moreover, the products are attached with the insurers rated. This conveys the financial soundness of our underwriting firms and makes sure that our customers get the maximum coverage for their pre-existing conditions.

We are always there to support you. In order to offer you finest medical plan choices at best prices, our insurance agents (licensed) work very hard. We are passionately devoted to serving all Americans by having a network of expert physicians and a hospital advisory board that provides quality medical treatment, irrespective of the person’s medical history.


Providers of Health Insurance

Assurant Health Insurance

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Assurant Affordable Health Access provides you with a choice of three limited-benefit plans for affordable access to services you value most, like doctor’s office visits and prescriptions. Health Access Plans also deliver benefits that can help keep you well, like preventive care and immunizations, which may help reduce your need for health services down the road.

Affordable Access plans

Affordable Access Plans

Contract through NAAIP and sell Affordable Access Plans' telemedicine service to clients. Affordable Access Plans provide on-demand, round-the-clock telephone and email access to physicians.



Our firm leads in providing guaranteed issue health insurance product plans. It offers the best priced medical plans that suit an individual’s budget and needs. Moreover, you can choose over the real policies from a number of providers that we possess. You can buy these medical plans even if you have a pre-existing condition.

We realize the significance of the best medical policy that’s vital to give you a wide health protection and support. Visualizing this, we only maintain a contact with those insurers who have trusted credentials for carrying their duties honestly in the most required hours, for instance hospital emergency. This assures that strength of the medical plan in urgent times.

People who have suffer from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity or any other medical health condition and have been rejected with health insurance, can seek help with us. We proudly share of our honest endeavors in assisting massive number of patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and other pre-existing conditions. These people are now happy by getting a quick guaranteed health insurance for which they had been denied at other places.

Our guaranteed health plans offers individuals who suffer from pre-existing a comprehensive medical coverage that comprises visit to doctors, hospitals stays, hospital emergency, prescription drugs, blood tests, check-ups, X-rays, surgery etc.

All of these medical expenditures are covered by the client’s provider of guaranteed health insurance. Our policy of insurer protection satisfies you in terms of real coverage and real safety.

Do not let yourself get bogged down with reasonable insurance for pre-existing condition. We will make your hope of getting an affordable insurance a reality with our guaranteed health insurance plans. The plans give are based on competitive prices and provides a huge medical coverage. Guaranteed health insurance plans are a must for your company’s portfolio.

Especially, the service of ‘ask a doctor’ gives the customers a more satisfaction of mind. The mentioned facility allows the client to have a telephonic consultation, anytime of the day. Additionally, this facility permits a physician to have a look at your medical-records, carry our diagnosis, prescribe medical tests, just as is expected from a local medical expert.

We are ever-ready to help you in searching out the best-priced and the most genuine (proving comprehensive medical coverage) plan. Our guaranteed health plans have made the lives of persons suffering from any kind of pre-existing conditions happier than before because of guaranteed acceptance.

Feel free to correspond to us or make us aware of your contact information that will enable one of our licensed guaranteed health insurance agents to contact you in your region. The agent will display all the significant policy carriers infront of you. With our guaranteed health insurance, per-existing condition is not a problem anymore.


* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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