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Heartland National Life Insurance Company started its operation in 1994. Today Heartland National is one of the most well known brands in the insurance industry with more than twenty million people in the sales network nationwide. Heartland National follows a conservative and straightforward approach to business. There is much to offer both the insurance agent and the client from the insurance products that it provides.


Clients enjoy the benefits of guaranteed renewal and a simple and quick application process. One of the best benefits of Heartland National insurance is that the proceeds are given directly to the policyholder and insurance coverage is applicable within a short period of time. Heartland National agents are provided several benefits as well. The affordability of the policy makes it easy for them to pitch it to the target customer base. Agent contracting for these top contracts is straightforward and there is the added benefit of nine months advance, lead support and agent training.


Available in: AL, AR, AZ, CO, GA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MO, MS, NE, NV, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT and WY.

Heartland National Agent Benefits Comprise:

  • Competitive commissions Heartland National Hospital Indemnity and Cancer Care
  • Highly beneficial and cost-effective plans
  • An easy-to-fill application form
  • Policies issued rapidly
  • Advancing period of nine-months
  • Sell by phone...it is easy!

Client Benefits Comprise:*

  • Guaranteed Renewable
  • An uncomplicated application process
  • Maximum benefits at lower-monthly premiums
  • Easy E-application

Features of Heartland National Cancer Care:


For cancer patients, Heartland National CancerCare+ provides an option to policyholders to use the face amount in a way that benefits them the most. It goes without saying that each case is different in itself. Patients can decide to spend the money to get the best possible treatment depending on their unique situation. The following are a few common examples of how benefit is spent:

  • Policyholders will receive $1,000 to spend after the final diagnosis is complete

  • The plan covers doctor visits, private nurse facility, tests and drugs

  • Coverage for surgery, chemotherapy, prescriptions, radiation and hospice care in the case of terminally-ill patients

  • Transportation costs are also covered

  • The application process has been designed to perfection. Applicants can fill-in the form without taking any assistance. It is that easy.

  • Policyholders would receive the benefits directly, speeding up the application process.

  • Heartland National Cancer Care entitles undiagnosed policyholders to retrieve as much as 80% of the total payments made over a fifteen year period.

  • Low-monthly premium allows policyholders to insure all members of the immediate family.

  • Transportation costs are covered for up to 100 miles from your residence.

  • People who have bought HMO plans can also start receiving benefits without any 'network restrictions' in place.

Features of Heartland National Hospital Indemnity Critical Illness:

The following statistics show how Heartland National Hospital Indemnity Critcal Illness offers essential coverage:

  • Stay at hospital costs an average of $9,000.

  • The average age of patients admited to hospital is around 54, of which 25% fall in the age group of 44-65, and 40% age 64 years and above.

  • Patients in the age group of 44-65 stay in hospital for 5 days on an average, and 6 days for patients age 64 and above.

  • It has been estimated that Americans 65 or older can expect significant increases in the cost of health care. The health care expenditure is four to five times for people aged 65 and above in comparison to people who are of a younger age

  • By 2030, The number of hospital admissions will double in the coming years as baby boomers age.

  • Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer found in men. In women, breast cancer is a leading cause of death

  • There are other types of cancer such as liver cancer and melanoma, etc.

  • There are thousands of people (5% approx.) of the total cases reported who cannot afford healthcare due to lack of funds available.

Every plan has copayments, deductibles, and limits. Through the following benefits, Heartland National's Secure Advantage Hospital Indemnity Plan can assist in bearing hospital expenditure:


  Silver Gold Platinum
Daily Benefits of Hospital Indemnity $100-$300 as daily benefits. Benefit Period of 10 days. $100-$300 as daily benefits. Benefit Period of 30 days. $100-$300 as daily benefit. Benefit Period of 90 days.
Durable Medical Equipment $200/ occurrence in a calendar year (Lifetime Maximum of $2500) $300/ occurrence in a calendar year (Lifetime Maximum of $2500) $400/ occurrence in a calendar year (Lifetime Maximum of $2500)
Ambulance $100 for single occurrence ( Lifetime Maximum of $2,500) $150 for single occurrence ( Lifetime Maximum of $2,500) $200 for single occurrence (Lifetime Maximum of $2,500)
Benefit for Emergency Room $150 per emergency room visit following an accident or injury $200 per emergency room visit following an accident or injury $250 per emergency room visit following an accident or injury
Physician Benefit $25/ visit, Maximum of $75 in a calendar year. $25/ visit, Maximum of $75 in a calendar year. $25/ visit, Maximum of $75 in a calendar year.
Lump sum rider for cancer (optional) Benefits for diagnosis of cancer between $1,000-$10,000. Benefits for diagnosis of cancer between $1,000-$10,000. Benefits for diagnosis of cancer between $1,000-$10,000 .


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