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5 Steps To Sell an Annuity Online, by Phone or Face to Face

How to Sell Annuities by Phone

Step #1 - Know the Annuity Business:

  • An annuity gives tax-deferral/tax advantages (lobbying Congress pays off for insurance companies that sell annuities)
  • In 2019, annuity industry sales were $211.5 billion, down 7.6 percent from full-year 2018 sales of $228.9 billion.(recent declines in annuity and life insurance sales can be attributed to the rapid aging of the salesforce.)
  • Annuities vs Bank CDs
  • Visit the bank and you will see: Annuities have higher rates! - Annuities offer more liquidity! - CDs don't offer tax deferral!
  • Banks have FDIC insurance - An Annuity has the State Department of Insurance Guarantees. Fact: An insurance company has never reneged on a promise in the State of _____(enter your state.)
  • Banks have bank branches to sell their CDs. Insurance companies have people like me to sell the annuity. Take a guess which is more cost efficient!
  • Fixed and Indexed Annuities are usually sold to clients below age 65 to accumulate money on a tax deferred basis - While an immediate annuity, which offers lifetime guaranteed income, will be sold to seniors who desire that type of certainty.

Step #2 - Bullet Points Above Are Your Sales Pitch:

  • Let your brain work and explain the above annuity information in a concise, professional and upbeat manner.
  • Figure out a jingle such as "More interest, more liquidity and less taxes"
  • Another jingle could be "An annuity is like an IRA in which you can put unlimited amounts of cash!"

Step #3 - Know That the Bank Does Have Advantages:

  • Turn the tables: The banks plusses should be explained as major minuses!
  • The cost of doing business for a bank is enormous. Building, security, etc.
  • Only 37% of Americans have the savings for a $500 unplanned expense, according to study - - January, 2019.
  • Most Americans use banks as glorified check-cashing stores - Bank CD investors are subsidizing the bank branch.

Step #4- Know if MYGA (multi-year guaranteed annuity), Indexed Annuity or Variable Annuity is Best?

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>>> Several Differences Between CD's & Annuities:

Will this product provide safety of principal?YESYES
Access to principal? (subject to surrender charges)YESYES
Does the entire principal remain unreduced by commissions?YESYES
Will the product provide tax deferred growth?NOYES
Does the product provide for flexible contributions?NOYES
Will this product avoid the costs and delays associated with probate?NOYES
Can earnings on the product be automatically recontributed without being currently taxed?NOYES
Can the product provide guaranteed lifetime income without the principal first being taxed?NOYES
Can the product provide social security advantages by reducing taxable income that would make social security taxable?NOYES
Can the product provide potentially higher yields?NOYES

Sell Annuity Main Points

Have questions about types of annuities, annuity leads and more?
We will teach you how to sell annuities.
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Annuity Phone Selling Script for Setting One Call Appointments or Two Call Closes

(Your script will be in Red letters, Client's will be Blue with italics and quotes - special notes to you are in green and  in parentheses)

This is quality phone script to telephone Annuity prospects. You prospect will be above average income between 45 and 59 years old for a deferred annuity or above 59 years old for lifetime income that an annuity provides.

Hello, Mr./Mrs. __________, My name is ______________ of the Senior Alliance of (your state) in Boca Raton. (an upper income city).  (example - Hello Mr. Jones, My name is Aaron Levy of the Senior Alliance of Florida in Boca Raton)

(The intro is to be said rapidly - don't stop talking - a brief moment of silence causes the annuity prospect to interject - If the prospect stops and thinks then he will wonder why he is allowing you to waste his time - meanwhile - the annuity prospect is somewhat thinking you are a charity - he will be somewhat nice - and not yell and hang up on you.)

(Annuity prospects at age 50 are upper income people who are successful in their careers. They are used to being the boss. You have to sound equally as impressive.

(Note: You are cold calling for annuities. Very few insurance agents even attempt to succeed in this endeavor. Most cold calling is done for a "commodity", for a specific item that the prospect needs, such as health insurance, Medicare, final expense, etc.

The annuity salesperson has to think of the annuity as a "commodity." Money is a "commodity." Money that sits in the bank or stock market should be with the annuity company. You will succeed and this will be your ticket to high income for the rest of your life.

A prospect with actual savings may have a business with multiple employees and/or will need "an expert" for other aspects of his life. Once you gain the client, you will be "the expert for investments, life insurance, Medicare, health, etc.)

Here is the reason for my phone call:  

Annuities from an insurance Company works in a similar manner as the local bank. You deposit money, and the value increases over time. The Senior Alliance are experts in knowing the exact rate of interest being offered by local and national banks compared to the rates being offered by Florida licensed insurance companies. Mr. Jones, You do have savings in the bank? Right?


(This is still the beginning of the annuity pitch - the prospect should say almost nothing or he will think and then slam the phone)

(This is the first invitation that the prospect has to speak - His response should be should be "Right"- Anything more that "Right" - will cause the prospect to think and then slam the phone.) 

Mr. Jones, let me tell you what exactly my office does. We work over 30 Annuity insurers in Florida and we really know the industry. Annuities such as New York Life, MetLife, Prudential and others have in-house salespeople that only can sell their one company. My office works with those companies as independant brokers and for another 27 insurance companies.

You may already know that Banks offer CDS while Insurers offer Annuities. Both have its own niche.

To cut to chase, I am here to help you. I can show you a printout of the up-to-date interest rates of every bank within a 30 mile radius and the 30 leading annuity insurers in the State of Florida.

When it comes to Annuities and CDS, I am an actual expert. Over the years, I have presented this information to thousands of people.

This information has cumulatively, caused millions of dollars to flow into accounts of people just like you.

Better in your account and not in the account of some huge financial conglomerate.

At no cost or obligation, I will fax, email, sms or send by US mail a list of this very valuable information that will cause you earn more money.

Most likely you will want to deposit money in the institution that pays you more.

The benefits over the years by investing in the best rate versus the worst one is subsantial, over the years - it ends up being a lot of money.

Mr. Jones, considering that "Money is Money". You should have more! You surely would prefer to get a higher interest rate on your money. To have more money. I am assuming that you do agree with me. Is that right, Mr. Jones?

"Yes, It is."

(Let the prospect talk - after your lengthy explanation, the annuity prospect will consider you a valuable resource - Small talk is good - be his friend.

(Let the prospect speak - Your job is to deliver that valuable list of Annuities and Banks interest rates - via email, fax, sms or snail mail - send by all methods!. )

(An annuity sales person that sounds good on the phone will rarely get phone slammed - You must be naturally gifted and/or be hard-working in order to have that "anchorman" sounding sales pitch.) 

Mr. Jones, I sincerely want you to make a good decision as to which CD or Annuity to purchase.

  • I can sms, fax, email and US mail you this information.

  • According to my data your address is 987 Palm Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33027 - That is correct, Right?

  • Does this phone accept sms, if not what phone should I text to?

  • And what is your email?

  • In years past, I sent out a ton of faxes, Nowadays less. It is my sincere belief that the information that you will receive from me will literally make your life better. It is that important.

  • I do appreciate that fact that you are hearing me out. I really want you to make a good decision!

(It would be extremely rare to make a a one call sale on a cold phone call for an Annuity. Two calls over the phone close is very likely if you come accross as professional, knowledgable and friendly. The likelihood of success is greater if you are phone selling within a 45 minute ride from your home. You will be able to pick up a check and say "hello", if that is what is needed to close the deal.

Keep in mind that Annuity clients are the richest subgroup in America - These older, richer savers are practically the only Americans with money in the bank. Sell an annuity will be your ticket to an upper income lifestyle!

It is hard have a scripted phone script beyond this point - There may or may not be an objection to giving over his email address. Talk about CDs vs Annuities - either fixed or Indexed Annuities. Come accross as an annuity expert and don't be afraid plead your case.

Be humurous. The reason that you are trying so hard is that you genuinely care for Mr. Jones and want him to prosper. Mr. Jones should have full knowledge of Annuities vs CDs to be able to live out a prosperous life.

Talk like a real person who wants to help others. Your job is to help people get the most suitable and best deal for their savings. You have very valuable annuity vs cd information. You can send it to the prospect via email, US mail, sms, etc. You want to follow up to fully explain, answer questions and get Mr. Jones the annuity.

Assume the Annuity Sale. If you made it to this point where Mr. Jones gave you his email, sms and confirmed his home address. Congradulations, You made an annuity sale!. Discuss with Mr. Jones that he will be your client for Best Interest Rates on Annuity and CDs and he will be grateful to you of getting him such good value, etc.

At this point, discuss with Mr. Jones the best method in which to give over this super valuable annuity vs CD information and how it will be followed up.

  • Does Mr. Jones prefer you to visit his house?

  • Does Mr. Jones prefer that the two of you speak on the phone on Tuesday or Wednesday?

  • Does Mr. Jones want you to show him exact numbers on a MYGA - Multi year guaranteed Annuity - where you can get him a higher interest rate than the bank CD while having more liquidity?

  • Or does Mr. Jones want you to show him exact numbers on a lifetime annuity - Lifetime steady income based on giving a lump sum of money to an insurance company.

  • This Annuity sales pitch is a great way for you to make regular sales and as a door opener for you to be an industry best financial product selling superstar!

The following are some techniques to make the appointment at Mr. Jones' home  

Mr. Jones, Based on my experience and knowledge in the CD vs Annuity business I actually know the product that you will end up taking.....  Let's cut to the chase - Let's sit down and allow me to present to you the information in person. 

In fact, I am in your area of Fort Lauderdale all of next week - Would Tuesday be good or would Wednesday be better. "Tuesday" Great - Is the afternoon good for you or is it better in the morning?  "Morning"

Excellent - Before we finish this phone call - Let me give you my, name, office & cell phone, website and email - You have a pen and paper?
(Wait for Mr. Jones to jot it down) 

My name is Aaron Levy - My cell phone is 954-555-4321 - my email is - my personal website is and office is 3456 Maple Street, Boca Raton, FL 33433. Even though our office is in Boca Raton, my work is mainly in Fort Lauderdale.

(if Mr. Jones asks who is senior alliance - say it is associated with

Mr. Jones, I will send you an email confirmation. I will confirm - Your email is? or What is your email?  and what is your cell phone?

Excellent, We will meet at 9 am Next Tuesdayon May 22nd. Mr. Jones, I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be of assistance to you for your CD vs Annuity needs. 

(if the meeting is days away send a US mail letter to Mr. Jones introducing. An email, sms - Make Mr. Jones feel that he has a real connection to you! .. - You just made a one phone call appointment and you are on your way to being upper middle class! Lot better than computer programming school. You will quickly close the deal on the fixed or indexed annuity and then:

  • Talk about the tax benefits of life insurance.
  • Talk about how a life insurance policy would be the "Final Loving Act." Show them the video that we can embed on your website. Click to Agent Website and scroll down for video.
  • Talk about how banks in Boca Raton are so fancy, and have great service. In other neighborhoods people wait in line an hour to cash a check!
  • Boca Raton banks pay 1% on a CD - even if you lock up the money for 5 years.
  • An insurance company such as Oxford Life - Gives clients between 3 and 4% while offering more liquidity - This is your real expertise.
  • The initial calls are to present yourself as a pro and have the prospect like you.
    Annuities sold 100% by phone you must send U.S. Mail, email, sms, etc and then follow up with a phone appointment to get the app - 100% Annuity telephone sale - best for the prospect to be close to your home so you can always meet face-to-face to pick up the application.)

NAAIP provides Annuity Sales agents contracting and appointments to dozens of Annuity companies in 50 states. Consult with us. We are experts in Annuity sales by phone.

When talking to prospects about annuities, we are often met with a perplexed look or a quick response of “no, thanks”. It is true that annuities are hard to sell, thanks to their complexity and the fact that they are often misunderstood by the general public and media.

There are no set rules as to how to sell annuities. When you're up against a general misunderstanding of this product, it's important that you are armed with a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits -and drawbacks- of buying into an annuity.

At NAAIP, we get to meet plenty of successful annuity salespersons day in, day out, and we have been asking two such agents about their sales techniques and experiences that help them build a successful career in annuity sales. Here they discuss the major pros and cons regarding annuities.

Ron Smedley, NAAIP Agent, Life and Annuities, discusses their benefits:

“The good news, as far as your prospects are concerned is that annuities offer tax deferral. As soon as they start paying into the product all further tax gains and interest becomes 'locked in' to the product, and there is no annual taxation. This is one of the first points I bring up when trying to catch a prospect's interest.”

“Other products don't offer the same benefits as immediate annuities, in that they offer an actuarial income which returns your principal investment and your additional gains. This rate of return won't be outdone by any other financial product out there. A similar form of annuitization is also offered with variable annuities.”

“You get principal protection with fixed annuities, offered by the insurance provider, which are a desirable investment feature these days. It's common to find higher rates offered as compared to CDs, as well as longer policy terms. You'll also find principal protection offered with variable annuities.”

“Some policies have death benefit attached to them, meaning you'll get any lost money returned, but only after you have passed away. In recognition of this disadvantage, some policies offer living benefit guarantees, which allow customers to get their lost principal back in installments (for a price) over the course of their lifetime.”

Sally Decker, NAAIP Agent, LTC and Annuities, discusses their disadvantages:

“Where do we begin when it comes to annuity disadvantages? The truth is, most of the annuity 'pros' turn into 'cons' further into the term. While your client's annuity is accumulating value, they are offered tax deferral, but as soon as they receive a distribution, you are in for some shocking news.”

“Number one: all of your client's annuity is subject to tax at standard income rates, no matter whether they were in sub accounts of a variable annuity or equity-driven funds. Those in top tax brackets will be paying 20% more than the long-term capital gains tax rate. Number two: annuities are subject to a last in, first out policy, whereby if your client is to invest $200k and it grew to $300k, the first 100k that they withdraw will be taxable, as the “last in” element is their gains.”

“Your client will be subject to a 10% penalty for removing gains from their policy before the age of 59 ½. Also, an annuity can create problems for their beneficiaries further down the line, thanks to the absence of a step up in cost. Your client's heirs will have to pay tax on the gains in order to receive their inheritance.”

“You have to be 100% sales-focused to successfully sell annuities by phone. The atmosphere around an annuities sales office can be intense to say the least. In an annuities sales manual we recently read, the author encourages a cloak and dagger approach, the idea being that you should put the idea to the prospect about a fixed-index annuity, without them having the faintest ideas as to what it is. According to this author, the likelihood of the close depends entirely on them not understanding the pitch right until the very end.”

*Visit our best selling techniques page on How to Sell Medicare Supplement Insurance and on How to Sell Final Expense Life Insurance. The information provided is intended for licensed annuity insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising annuities to the general public. Certain exclusions may apply. Plans offered by insurer. All products not available in all areas. Not affiliated with the United States Government or FDIC.

How to Sell Annuites: Good Phone Script

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