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Identity Theft and Legal Plan

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ID theft is one of the most pressing problems in today’s world. In order to combat this issue, The Legal Club of America brings you the Family Protection Plan. The Club is a referral service that offers legal services to people across the United States. It is backed by a network of attorneys who cumulatively offer services to more than one million families in the country. Anybody who is a US citizen can apply for membership and obtain legal care for themselves, their domestic partner and dependents who live with them.

The scope of services offered by the Legal Club includes free and discounted legal counsel on taxation issues, identity thefts, keylogging systems, financial education and several other matters.

Free legal services offered by The Legal Services Club

  • Every legal issue is eligible for an initial consultation on phone followed by face to face meeting with an attorney without limitation on time of session

  • Review of case file (restricted to 6 pages per file) for unlimited number of independent documents

  • Simple Will for the family member

  • Free annual Will update

  • Comprehensive web based custom drafter Simple Will

  • Living Will that can be notarized by any Public Notary

  • Support for self representation in court on simple claims issues

  • Support to solve legal issues related to government welfare, immigration and citizenship programs

  • Drafting unlimited letters (one letter for each legal issue) on behalf of members wherever appropriate

  • Making unlimited phone calls on behalf of members (one call for each legal issue)

Please note that although all the above mentioned facilities are offered freely, you might be required to pay a retainer fee in order to cover attorney liability.

Legal services with deep discounts

The plan offers services at deeply discounted one time fees for the below given eight legal matters. Besides attorney fees, clients will need to bear additional expenses including filing fees, court costs and travel to and from court.

Guarantee on minimal hourly rate

Clients pay either $125 or 40 percent less than the usually fees charged by a Plan attorney, whichever is greater, for any service that is not included in the list of free service or deeply discounted service.


Clients might be required to pay a retainer for extended legal service. The retainer is calculated by multiplying a plan’s discounted cost with the expected number of hours required to conclude the case.

Discounts for contingency fees

Clients receive a reduction in contingency fees. They will either have to pay the usual fees charged by the attorney or 10 percent reduction on the maximum rate set by the state, whichever is lower.

Advice on taxation matters

All members who enroll for Family Protection Plan receive personal tax benefits that include unlimited taxation advice on toll free lines and free preparation of returns. Clients can approach attorneys only during normal working hours. They also get either free or discounted cost access to tax related schedules that are used most commonly.

Benefits on tax related issues

  • Unlimited federal taxation advice for both business and personal matters (access via toll free phone, email and fax)

  • Free preparation of mail-in tax returns (for 1040, 1040EZ and 1040A) and Form 1040 related schedules (one per household)

  • Discounts on tax returns made by H&R Block; this service is applicable only for new H&R block members and is not valid for federal 1040EZ form and related forms. The offer is valid only for offices located in US and is considered void if prohibited, sold, transferred or purchased.

  • Assistance on tax planning, IRS audit, IRS notification, and understanding and solving any issue related to IRS

  • Eligibility to use web based IRS notification and audit tutorial

  • One member per family receives review of previous year’s returns

  • Access to a portal containing tax law changes, tips, organization areas, online advise and IRS audit and notification area

Any matter that is related to taxation is dealt by specialist tax attorneys, agents with IRS certification, financial analysts, former auditors and financial analysts. Members are covered by $1 million liability insurance for all financial and taxation advice.

Solutions for Identity Theft


The Affordable Access Plans Identity Theft Restoration Advocates offer robust solutions needed to restore stolen identity as well as safeguard your clients against such incidents in the future. They adopt a hands on approach to tackle identity thefts and restore an identity. All matters are handled only by qualified paralegals. Clients have 24x7x365 access to our Identity Theft Restoration attorneys. All solutions are personalized recommendations.


Identity theft coverage

All members of this plan receive $25000 worth of insurance coverage against identity theft. The insurance is underwritten by an insurance carrier with a good rank. Clients can use this insurance to cover losses sustained due to identity theft. Please note that insurance is offered only for the member and not his or her family. Some of the costs that are covered using this insurance are given below.

  • $500 weekly for 4 weeks to cover loss of wages

  • Loans re-filing

  • Cost of defense involved in some kinds of criminal and civil lawsuits ensuing from ID theft

Fee reimbursement is provided for some of the mandatory costs that need to be paid in the United States.

  • Costs incurred in re-filing applications for grants, loans and credit instruments that might have been rejected only because of identity theft

  • Costs incurred in making long distance phone calls, postage and notarizing affidavits and other documents in an effort to register a complaint or rectify records for matters related to ID theft

  • Access to six credit reports from the three major credit bureaus (limited to 2 reports from each bureau) within one year from the date of discovery of ID theft

Please note that the above mentioned terms are only a summary. Please read terms of the actual policy for a more complete understanding. If you are a resident of New York, you are not eligible for this insurance. Some other areas are also not included for coverage.

Restoration of ID theft

Identity Theft Restoration Advocates offer the following services:

  • Investigate and establish the authenticity of ID theft and confirm the unknown, known and other complicated sources responsible for the theft

  • Prepare a pre-populated, customized and state specific package complete with fraud details and mail it through certified channels with instructions for pre-paid return

  • Communicate with appropriate state bodies and financial agencies through phone calls and other electronic channels, and prepare documentation for dispute letters for all complaints that are defensible

  • Send out alerts regarding the fraud along with victim’s statement wherever necessary to credit bureaus, US Postal Service, SSA and FTC

  • Prepare ID Theft Affidavit and Special Limited Power of Attorney and submit them to all creditors for cancellation of cards and issuance of new cards

  • Communicate with any financial institution, agency or creditor who might be affected because of the ID theft and follow up on the developments

  • Provide assistance in filing appropriate official reports with local law enforcement authorities

  • Access important public records such as criminal, DMV, address change, judgments and liens in order to investigate further into the theft case

  • Make efforts to resolve important issues as soon as possible in order to help you attain some peace of mind

  • Provide a complete “Case Completion Kit” to members; the kit includes all copies of documentation, letters, correspondence and forms involved in the investigation

Assistance for document recovery

Privacy advocates offer assistance in recovering stolen credit cards and other documents. Here is what the advocates offer:

  • Determination of severity of problem by consulting with the member

  • Get credit reports from the three credit bureaus

  • Use teleconferencing technology to contact financial institutions and credit card companies

  • Get credit cards cancelled

  • Put in requests for new cards

  • Inform the three main credit bureaus about the theft

  • Help theft victims interpret credit reports

  • Monitor ID for six months after the theft in order to prevent untoward repercussions of the theft

  • Assist with credit disputes arising out of theft

  • Provide assistance to retrieve items such as membership cards and driver’s license

Monitoring identity

The plan offers secure and convenient identity monitoring services in case of fraud or theft and provides actionable alerts on the same. This service is limited to the member and is not offered to the family.

In addition to credit monitoring and offering reliable solutions to prevent identity theft, Affordable Access Plans also uses innovative technology to identify misuse of identity. They keep track of the updates on the use of your social security number, address, name, contact details and date of birth. The program creates a blueprint of SNAPD identity and monitors mammoth volumes of data every day. The sources used for monitoring include:

  • Credit cards obtained newly

  • Loans including auto, payday and mortgage

  • Credit card accounts used for retail purchasers

  • Applications on wireless carrier

  • Financial details including check recorders and checking accounts

  • Records including the ones from court, criminal, DMV, government databases and social security

  • Utility accounts

The information obtained through these sources is useful in identifying identity fraud because it usually happens before the actual theft. Identifying fraudulent activities helps prevent more serious damage related to identity theft and manipulation.


Keylogging defense system

The plan offers unique keylogging defense system and are the only ones in the country to offer this facility. A keylogging system is software that tracks every keystroke on a computer. A miscreant can install a keystroke logger in your computer and steal important data by recording your keystrokes. By registering with the program, clients receive a defense system that effectively prevents keylogging systems from stealing data from a system. The software is capable of circumventing different communication areas that could be susceptible to attacks by keylogging software.

By installing the keylogging defense system, clients can carry out any activity on their computer including entering bank details and other important business data without the fear of being intercepted. The system ensures that keystrokes are not transmitted to any other remote venue. It offers foolproof protection for a computer or any gadget used to access the Internet.

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