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John Hancock Life was founded 1862 in Boston, Massachusetts initially as the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company and its charter was approved by Massachusetts Governor John A Andrew. John Hancock Life was named after the great "American Patriot and First Signer" John Hancock and is headquartered in Boston since 1862.

From its humble beginnings where it started as a 4 man company, John Hancock Life continues to be a symbol of commitment and integrity. John Hancock Life was acquired by Canadian Insurance giant Manulife Financial in 2004 and continues to operate its headquarters in Boston.

John Hancock Life enjoys a sizeable following throughout the country having served millions of customers for over a century. John Hancock Life insurance policies are especially noteworthy for being very reasonable in price which makes them affordable to millions of Americans. 

John Hancock Life Key Facts:

  • John Hancock Agent Portal Login.
  • John Hancock Run Illustrations.
  • John Hancock Marketing & Agent Support telephone: 1-888-266-7498 Option 2
  • Up-to-Date Product Information for JH Vitality Life.
  • John Hancock Vitality Life FAQ.
  • John Hancock Life with Vitality Rate Comparison.
  • John Hancock Term Life Agent Guide - Conversion Rules - Page 8.
  • John Hancock Life eTicket Term Agent Guide - 9 pages.
  • John Hancock Life eTicket Agent Guide - 5 pages.
  • John Hancock Life eTicket Client Preparation Brochure.
  • John Hancock Life ExpressTrack - 2 pages.
  • John Hancock Life - Reasons to Sell for Diabetics.
  • John Hancock Life - Diabetics - A Powerful Solution.
  • John Hancock Life Universal Life Diabetes Case Study.
  • John Hancock Life - Diabetes Press Release.
  • Vitality vs Vitality Rider: Vitality is the least expensive, but premiums increase if client doesn’t participate. Vitality Rider: premiums are 3% higher, premiums can never increase, can decrease if they decide to participate.
  • John Hancock Life Vitality Brochure - 6 pages.
  • John Hancock Life Vitality Reward Levels.
  • John Hancock Life Vitality Rewards.
  • John Hancock Life Vitality Points.
  • John Hancock Life Vitality - Reaching Gold.
  • John Hancock Life Vitality - Apple Watch Brochure.
  • John Hancock's Expansion of Vitality Program 10-1-18 - Must Read.
  • Two Vitality Programs - Vitality GO & Vitality Plus
  • One may upgrade to Vitality PLUS at any time during the first 25 months and automatically transfer the Vitality GO status and points to earn premium savings and even greater rewards.
  • w/ the optional Vitality rider, the cost for Vitality PLUS is 3% of your annual premium and for Protection SIUL policies, the cost for Vitality PLUS rider is $2.00 a month.
  • Vitality - Rewarding clients for healthy living - See video below
  • John Hancock IUL - Indexed Universal Life:

  • John Hancock IUL - Producer Guide - 20 pages.
  • John Hancock IUL Crediting History - 2 pages.
  • John Hancock IUL Consumer Brochure - 8 pages.
  • John Hancock IUL - Living Benefits Brochure - 2 pages.
  • John Hancock IUL - Reasons to Sell - 1 page.
  • John Hancock offers two IULs. The Protector for solid life insurance and The Accumulation for explosive growth.
  • Illustrations on the The Accumulation show 7.75% interest rate with the high-capped account.
  • Interest rates on illustration are based on the average of the last 65 years.
  • John Hancock Life - More Fun Facts:

    • Term life - Among lowest rates in the industry
    • Term life - ExpressTrack Term - 20 year term up to 1 million - ages 18-60.
    • Universal life - #3 producer in USA in 2017
    • Indexed universal life
    • Variable universal life - #5 producer in USA in 2017
    • 401(k) plans - #3 producer in USA in 2017 of all sizes - from 1 worker to largest enterprise
    • 401(k) plans of all sizes - from 1 worker to largest enterprise
    • Over 60,000 401(k) plans in 50 states - over 3 million participants
    • Mutual fund investments
    • Closed-end fund investments
    • College saving investments - #6 producer in USA in 2017
    • Managed account investments
    • Retirement portfolio investments
    • ESG fund investments
    • #10 producer of life insurance in USA in 2017
    • Assets under management and administration were $480.1 billion as of December 31, 2017
    • John Hancock’s total premiums and deposits for 2017 were $63 billion
    • 10.4 million Americans were serviced by a John Hancock product in 2017
    • Asset management growth:. A 5 year AUM CAGR of 22.5%. Industry average is 8.7%
    • Outstanding customer service.

    John Hancock Life Product Overview:

    Example policy 200k 20 Year Term for healthy 49 Year Old Male: John Hancock offers accelerated underwriting, so based on the fact your client is healthy, JH may waive the exam. Includes Vitality.

    As long as it’s not a pre-appointment state: MT, PA, or WI, you can go to NAAIP Back office and use the JH self-registration icon to register and then drop the ticket. You should complete the contracting ASAP, but you will not need a producer number to drop the ticket.

    The list of comprehensive products offered by John Hancock insurance include life insurance, 401 (k) plans, retirement plans, mutual funds, college savings, travel insurance, long term care and annuities. Life insurance policies offer great value for money to help families come to terms with the loss of a loved one. The life insurance portfolios are noted from offering real value at a low cost, death benefit protection and the consistent accumulation of cash value. 

    John Hancock's Vitality:

    Vitality by John Hancock Life is a program designed to give clients points/credits for healthy living. There are four levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more points the client accumulates, the better the level. If we quote gold premiums, the client needs to maintain gold status to keep the premiums at the gold level. If the client doesn’t maintain gold and pays the same premiums, the death benefit will be effected slightly which you can see in the illustration. If the client can maintain gold or platinum, the cost of the LTC rider is reduced to almost nothing.

    John Hancock Life gives the client a fit bit to track their progress or they can pay $25.00 and receive an apple watch to track their progress. If the client maintains gold status, the watch only costs them $25.00. If the client does not maintain gold status, they will end up paying retail for the watch over time. In addition, the client can earn half priced Hyatt Hotel rooms, Royal Caribbean Cruises, discounts at Whole Foods and more.

    If the client decides they don’t want to be bothered with the Vitality program, we leave the rider off and the policy is slightly more expensive. The client does not get the other benefits of the program and there is no John Hancock Life compensation bonus. However, it’s still a great product that is very popular. John Hancock Life would be the the life insurance that I would sell to my parents.

    John Hancock Life Agent Appointment & Contracting Issues

  • NAAIP's casedesign team is happy to provide to illustrations and expert advice
  • John Hancock Sales Support Team 1-800-505-9427. Press 3 then 2 for illustration.
  • Requires AML prior to solicitation - see link to AML below in 'sales tools'
  • Allows Dual Writing Numbers.
  • MT, PA & WI are the only Pre-Appointment States.
  • Offers Just-in-Time Appointments except in MT, PA & WI.
  • Sell today in most States via iPipeline Links at footer - under Information
  • Accelerated Underwriting (To avoid an exam), one must use the JH Drop/eTicket system found in the NAAIP back office.
  • John Hancock allows iPipeline eApp but only the Drop/eTicket has accelerated underwriting.
  • Available in all 50 States!
  • No Appointment Fees to Agent.
  • John Hancock will hold your Appointment Request for 2 Years.
  • IULs, Whole Life, etc - ask or via WinFlex in footer for an illustration.
  • Ask us for link for eTicket (in NAAIP back office). Paper forms and Quotes in iPipeline.
  • John Hancock Life Example Illustrations

  • 68NS Female - $50,000 - Universal Life - 24 pages
  • 53NS Male - $100k IUL - $125/month - 43 pages

  • John Hancock Life is also recognized by all top ratings providers, including a Standard and Poor's rating of AA-, a Fitch rating of AA-.

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