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Exclusive Lead ServicesIncredible Offer: Offer Your Clients a "Stripped Down" Free NAAIP Website & See Your Business Soar!

As well, NAAIP offers exclusive, real-time, premium quality leads through telemarketing. Our leads are generated nation-wide and target all lines of insurance. All our leads come with a guarantee of exclusivity that they will not be resold.

Our clients are emailed the recording of each call for every lead they purchase by way of maintaining quality control. Real-time exclusive leads are sent via email or Live Lead Transfer as the lead is generated.


Telemarketing can be a highly effective marketing method, provided you have the right product and strategy. NAAIP will help you get the most out of your campaign no matter what type of insurance you are selling as we have high quality solutions for every field.

Final Expense Insurance Leads

Sell Oxford Life or United Home Life and receive recruiter level FEX compensation. Among lowest rates in the industry for FEX. Substantially lower rates than Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, etc.


$3,000 FEX sales will get you 1,000 free lead mailers. Fixed price FEX leads & Walmart mailers from NeedaLead.

Final Expense Free Leads

Live Transfer Final Expense Leads @ $8.00

Live Transfer Final Expense Leads. We have exclusive real-time leads which will help you tap into the market. Our Final Expense leads lead to excellent closing-rates.

Low Income Subsidy Leads

Selling Final Expense (FEX) Over the Phone/Online

A proven and tested phone sales script is featured on the following page - Click Here for a Long Final Expense Sales Script. Click here for a Simple (2 minute) Final Expense Phone Script.

Consumer & Business Data

Search, view and select data. Lowest rates in the industry. Monthly charge of $49.95, no contract, downhload up to 200,000 names - - PromoCode NAAIP.

USAData Turning 65 List - under 35 cents/name. Endorsed by Mutual of Omaha.

Agents that contract with United American will receive free data and training on how to use the data.


Unlimited Sales Leads

Door Knocking

Carrier Route Data is Huge for Door Knockers - Be like a UPS Driver as you say that you are following up on mailer that was sent already - Use a sticky note about a missed delivery - Give Office Depot image copy to make a pad of Post-It notes for you or click here. While you are at the Depot get a laminated badge with your passport photo & license number from Sircon. Another good tool is Door Hangers.


Unlimited Sales Leads

Direct Mailing Postcard Services - Coupon Code: NAAIP

LeadConcepts is our favorite postcard mailer for our Free Lead Program - ask for Peter Hingham (800)283-0187. » Medicare Postcards - 14 pages  » Final Expense Postcards - 9 pages » Mortgage Protection Postcards - 7 pages  » Annuity Postcards - 9 pages  » Insurance Seminar Postcards - 11 pages

Pay $455 (instead of $540) per 1,000 lead postcards using our coupon code. 800.723.5254 ext 310 or 469.402.0253 direct line - ask for Marva at TargetLeads.
» 2018 Catalog         » 2018 Pricing

Lead Mailers at Kramer Direct. - Call Olga Brown 888-572-6373 for Discount.
Medicare Supplement Lead Generation Postcards #1, #2 & #3.
Medicare Advantage Lead Generation Postcards #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5.
Final Expense Lead Generation Postcards #1 #2 & #3.
Retirement/Annuity Lead Generation Postcards #1, #2 & #3.
Ask Olga for Response Rate Percentages!

Best Insurance Leads

Mutual of Omaha "Go Play" Flyers/Postcards/Self-Mailers

Market Mutual of Omaha's Medicare Supplement plans with these attractive mailing products. Click the links to download:


» Go Play Flyer


» Go Play Postcard


» Go Play Self Mailer



» Go Play Prospecting Form

Go Play Flyers, Postcards, Self Mailer

Do-It-Yourself Mailers

1. Consult with Pros as to content of Postcard. 2. Find Local Printer or Google "wholesale printing". 4. Text messaging/SMS is Huge - incorporate SMS in your campaigns. 4. Go to Post Office and Open return-reply account. Lower price, higher return rates since the prospect sees local return address and faster delivery-back. Time is money!

insurance agent postcard leads

Workshops/Seminars on Medicare, Annuities, LTCi, Social Security changes about funeral expenses, Tax Law changes, etc.

1. People love to meet and mingle with those in similar situations. 2. People love to consult with experts. 3. People love to deal with those that are "out there" and accessable. 4. Telemarketing, mailers, ads, etc. can gather people to your weekly/monthly workshop at the library, church or coffee shop.

insurance workshop leads

Aged Insurance Leads

High quality aged leads delivered instantly. Great volume of leads for those wanting lots of leads at a low cost. Filter by zip code for targeted sales. Just a $25.00 minimum order. » Example letter to send to your aged leads.

Aged Insurance Leads

Life Insurance Leads @ $8.00

Live Transfer Life Insurance Leads - $8 - Join conference call for details. We started our lead department with life insurance. Somehow, someway we became lead generation experts with multiples of satisfied clients.

Life Insurance Leads

Medicare Supplement Leads @ $8.00

Live transfer Medicare Supplement leads. All are exclusive and never re-sold. Excellent value leads can be filtered to suit your requirements for geographical area, age, income, and moreā€¦ Click Here for a Medicare Supplement Phone Script.

Medicare Supplement Leads

Low Income Subsidy Medicare Leads @ $9.00

Low-income subsidy insurance for Medicare is become more popular with each successive year. These high live transfer leads of the highest are a top selling product.

Final Expense Leads

Annuity Live Transfer Leads @ $9.00

Annuity leads that contact folks that have money sitting in the bank. These "savers" need to know that the benefits of an annuity. Our live-transfer leads will make you money.... Click Here for a Annuity Selling Phone Script.

Annuity Leads

Dental for Seniors @ $6.00

High quality exclusive dental insurance leads for senior citizens. Our real-time live transfer leads have not been re-sold and are excellent value at six dollars each.

Dental for Seniors

Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads @ $6.00

High closing rates happen when you receive exclusive live transfer insurance leads from NAAIP. We are constantly monitoring lead close ratios via feedback from our many satisfied clients.

Live transfer health insurance leads

Referrals - Getting Your Customers to Give You Friends/Family

You did the hard part of winning over the trust of a stranger and collecting a check. You would ask them to refer others to you. Seek out those in positions of authority to refer new prospects. Click Here for referral form. - Have your client fill out or to leave with them. - Click Here for page that shows best technique for Medicare referrals - but can be used for multiple product lines.

getting referrals for insurance agents

Medicare Advantage Lead Generation Stands

Hottest lead generation tool on the market today!. Perfect for Medicare Advantage due to government regulations. Limited availability. Sign up for NAAIP free website on right side. $200 per lead stand + S&H. 18'W x 18'D x 56" height.

lead generation stand medicare

Incentive Based Marketing - Click Here

Free Vacations, Free Hotels, Free Restaurants. Boost your Facebook, Postcard, Email, Seminar, etc. Campaigns. Get Your Lead Costs Way Down. Free Service with NAAIP. For Details: Join Daily Conference Call or See in Latest News in Your NAAIP Back office. Another great idea: Free "Last Will & Testament." NAAIP will walk you through implementation.

free hotel room agent incentive leads

Other Services

NAAIP members will receive tutelage as to setting up lead generation. Expert advise. YouTube and other lead companies are Great Tools for example sales pitches. Your Lead Generator Telepro should generate 1.75 leads per hour - There are American companies that will hire the Filipino and charge you $12 per lead. Then you would need a higher quality appointment setter that an American company will charge you $16 per appointment and schedule your day via Google Calendar/Contacts - for you to run appointments.

Home Based Telemarketer Marketplace - 20,000 Phone Pros - Freelancers - Software included

Philippines Call Center - Minimum 4 Workers/full time/$8 per hour - Software included

Worlds Largest Outsourcing Portal - 14 Million registered freelancers

Leads - FaceBook Leads are Hot in 2019 - Facebook Leads brings Local Clients

NAAIP Review of Automatic Dialers - New Dialers Coming out Every YearAnimaker

CRM for Free - Google Contacts - Very Basic

CRM at $10/month - LACRM (less annoying)

NAAIP Recommended CRM - Copper or Streak - Both Google Apps Recommended

Insurance Agent Specific CRM/Dialer/Leads - RadiusBob Integrates CRM, Dialer & Leads

NAAIP Recommended Phone System - - $15/line - Google Apps Recommended - integrates with for screen sharing

NAAIP Recommended voice mail - Fiverr - 2 Millions Users - IrishGuy1 - $5/recording

NAAIP Recommended Online Appointment Booker - integrates with Google Calendar - Calendly

NAAIP Recommended Calendar - Google Calendar

Videos - Create Animation & Live-Action videos

Bulk Email w/ Highest Open Rate - Gmass - $9/month/2000 emails/day - Used w/ Gmail

Google Business Email - $6/month for email on your domain name

Video Marketing - Dubb - via email, LinkedIn and SMS to drive sales.

Press One Campaigns - Voice Broadcast - Lowest rates in world - less than penny a minute. Legally murky.

Free Google Generated Leads

NAAIP offers organically generated Google internet leads. These Medicare supplement leads arrive sporadically and are given away FREE to agents who contract with us.

UGoogle generated Leads


Add a quote engine to your website for Free! We'll even create the website for you for Free!
There are No Catches! It's free and always will be.

"Best system in industry for insurance agents and carriers - "Technology that works and impresses."

NAAIP's start in the insurance industry began by creating dynamic systems for insurers.

Excellent results caused one project to lead to another.

Currently, NAAIP provides websites & quoters for thousands of agents and technological wizardry for multiple leading insurance companies. A commitment to excellence is the key to the synergy that powers our growth."

Aaron Levy - CEO,

David Gordon - Digital Marketing Evangelist,