NAAIP Exclusive Lead Services

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NAAIP Exclusive Lead ServicesNAAIP offers exclusive, real-time, premium quality leads through telemarketing. Our leads are generated nation-wide predominantly targeting the senior market. All our leads come with a guarantee of exclusivity that they will not be resold.

Our clients are emailed the recording of each call for every lead they purchase by way of maintaining quality control. Real-time leads are sent via email or Live Lead Transfer as soon as they are generated.


Telemarketing can be a highly effective marketing method, provided you have the right product and strategy. NAAIP will help you get the most out of your campaign no matter what type of insurance you are selling as we have high quality solutions for every field.

Consumer Data

Search, view and select unlimited consumer data. Lowest rates in the industry - Guaranteed. Flat rate monthly charge with no contract. Ask NAAIP.


Agents that contract with United American will receive free data and training on how to use the data.

Unlimited Sales Leads

Direct Mailing Service - Coupon Code: NAAIP

Pay $350 (instead of $425) per 1,000 postcards using coupon code: NAAIP.

Best Insurance Leads

Mutual of Omaha "Go Play" Flyers/Postcards/Self-Mailers

Market Mutual of Omaha's Medicare Supplement plans with these attractive mailing products. Click the links to download:


» Go Play Flyer


» Go Play Postcard


» Go Play Self Mailer



» Go Play Prospecting Form

Go Play Flyers, Postcards, Self Mailer

Life Insurance Leads @ $10.00

Life Insurance Live Transfer Leads for $10. First step is to join NAAIP. Website and quoters have no "strings" or "catches."

Life Transfer Life Insurance Leads

Final Expense Leads @ $10.00

Live Transfer Final Expense Leads. Final expense insurance is a lucrative business and we have exclusive real-time leads which will help you tap into the market. These leads are proven to have excellent closing-rates.

Low Income Subsidy Leads

Medicare Supplement Leads @ $12.00

Live transfer Medicare Supplement Leads. All are exclusive and never re-sold. Excellent live transfer leads can be filtered to suit your requirements for geographical area, age, employment status, lifestyle and more…

Medicare Supplement Leads

Health Insurance Leads @ $9.00

Live transfer health insurance leads. Exclusive leads to your phone or voice mail. We are supplying health insurance live transfer leads to multiple call centers. Join our family of satisfied customers. No order is too small.

Live transfer health insurance leads

Low Income Subsidy Leads @ $14.00

In these times of austerity, nobody knows what’s around the corner and low-income subsidy Medicare insurance is become more popular with each successive year. These high quality leads are a top selling product.

Low income subsidy live transfer Leads

Dental for Seniors @ $6.00

High quality exclusive dental insurance live transfer leads for senior citizens. Our real-time leads have not been re-sold and are excellent value at six dollars each.

Dental leads for Seniors

Aged Insurance Leads

High quality aged leads through at reasonable prices, delivered instantly. Filter by zip code for targeted sales.

Aged Insurance Leads

Contract with us for Medicare Advantage - Receive Standard Commission - Every 5 Sales gets you 1,000 Free Mailers

We work with all the major insurers. First step is to sign up for the free "no catch" website. We will teach you how to move your website up in the search engines.

If you decide to appoint via NAAIP we guarantee you highest compensation. Medicare Advantage prohibits us from paying you more. Therefor, we are offering 1,000 free mailers for every five sales.

Medicare Advantage Mailers

Other Services

Consult with us for telemarketing solutions. Expert advise.

NAAIP Recommended CRM - ProsperWorks - Google Apps Recommended

NAAIP Recommended Phone System - - $15/line - Google Apps Recommended - integrates with for screen sharing

NAAIP Recommended voice intro and mail voice- IrishGuy1 - $5 per recording - with music

NAAIP Recommended Calendar - Google Calendar

Free Google Generated Leads

NAAIP offers organically generated Google internet leads. These Medicare supplement leads arrive sporadically and are given away FREE to agents who contract with us.

UGoogle generated Leads






* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

"Best system in industry for insurance agents - anything less in not acceptable.

Step number #1 - NAAIP's technology helps producers project themselves as top level professional with minimal time and effort.

Step number #2 - Being among the largest brokerages in the insurance industry, allows agents access to top commissions and resources on every case.

Commitment to growing this relationship is nurtured by providing best in class service. Our attorneys, underwriters, case managers and sales experts will help you grow your business - one client at a time. Welcome to our team, a system that is uniquely suited for insurance professionals in this new millennium."

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