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NAAIP Offers Only the Top Medicare Supplement Contracts

NAAIP is a Medicare supplement IMO that offers contracts with the country’s top-rated Medicare supplement providers. We make sure that our insurance agents offer only those products that are in the best interest of their customers. We take pride in the fact that we are among the best service providers in the industry. If you have a contract with us, you can rest assured that not only will you receive the best services from the best Medicare supplement IMO, but also a partner that is dedicated to your business's growth.


NAAIP offers a wide range of tools and resources to help you increase your sales volume. These include E-Apps, a Direct Mailing Service, Consumer Data, a variety of Leads and Dental Plans. Additionally there is a wide range of sales information and important news and events to keep you up to speed with this ever changing industry.

Providers of Medicare Supplement

Cigna Medicare Supplement

Cigna Medicare Supplement - Free Exclusive Real Time Leads






Major Insurer #4 Medicare Supplement

Free Exclusive Real Time Leads

Having acquired Genworth’s Medicare supplement business for a reported $270 million, Major Insurer #4 is continuing to follow their rich history of offering affordable, flexible policies to all. Agents will benefit from updated services, including highly competitive rates and excellent commissions.

Combined Insurance Medicare Supplement

Free Exclusive Leads

Combined Insurance is a worldwide provider of insurance products and part of the ACE Group. The company was established in 1922 by W. Clement Stone and it is this rich heritage that lay the foundation for their continuing success as one of the world’s most trusted insurance carriers to this day.

Everence Insurance Medicare Supplement

Free Exclusive Leads

Founded in the middle of the last century by the Mennonite church, Everence has a unique approach to business that incorporates religion, community and financial services.



Forethought Life Medicare Supplement

Free Exclusive Leads

Company has given Forethought Life Insurance Company the "Excellent (A)" rating. It has been in the insurance business since 1985 and has been offering high quality plans to customers ever since. As one of the nation's most trusted insurers, Forethought is a highly popular provider of Medicare Supplement products.

Gerber Life Medicare Supplement

Gerber Life Insurance

Gerber Life Medicare Supplement has been affiliated with the Gerber Products Company ever since 1967. It provides accident, life, and Medicare supplement insurance.



Heartland National Medicare Supplement

Heartland National Life Insurance

Since the early 1990s, the Heartland National Life Insurance Company has been providing affordable products to customers. Today its distribution network sales total more than twenty million policies, with a steadily growing amount of insurance in force and increasingly popular Med-Sup plans.

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement

Manhattan Life - Free exclusive Leads

Manhattan life has been serving the public since 1850. They have a comprehensive product portfolio which is customized to the requirements of the modern insurance industry.



Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement

MOO - Free exclusive Leads





Sentinel Life Medicare Supplement

Sentinel Security Life - Free Leads

Your portfolio might seem incomplete without the Sentinel Life Medicare Supplement. Offering reasonably-priced products to seniors, Sentinel remains a firm favorite.



Stonebridge Life Medicare Supplement

Stonebridge Life - Free Leads

Based in Rutland, Vermont, Stonebridge Life is affiliated with the Transamerica Corporation and has been a provider of insurance for well over a century. Stonebridge offers a variety of insurance products such as accident insurance, health insurance, dental plans and most recently Medicare Supplemental policies.

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions

Agent Commissions Unitedhealthcare




Woodmen of the World Medicare Supplement

Real time leads - Woodmen of the World / Assured Life

Woodmen of the World/Assured Life Association was established in 1890. It is a fraternal benefit society that offers whole life insurance, annuity products, and Medicare supplement.





Medicare Supplement

Private insurers sell Medigap policies to cover the ‘gaps’ in traditional Medicare Plans. Medigap policies (supplemental insurance) are health insurance plans that enable clients to subsidize health care expenses which are not covered in the basic Medicare Plan.

If your client has both a Medicare plan and a Medigap policy, all their health related expenditures will be taken care of by the Medicare Plan and Medigap policy respectively.

The rate of Medigap policies can differ, so it is wise to compare them. Almost all insurance companies offer the same benefits from Medigap Plan A to Plan L.

It is up to the insurance company which Medigap policies it is interested in selling.

Usually, clients need to have Medicare Part A and Part B in order to purchase a Medigap policy. For Medicare Part B, monthly premiums must be paid. Those requiring extra coverage will additionally have to disburse premiums for a Medigap policy.

It is recommended that spouses and domestic partners should have individual Medigap policies because a Medigap policy will not provide coverage for a partner’s healthcare expenses.

Medicare health insurance is for:

  • people who are 65 or over
  • people below 65 years of age with a form of disability
  • people of all age groups with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure that needs dialysis or a kidney transplant).

Part A: Hospital Insurance

If a client has a Medicare Part A plan, it will take care of all the expenses whilst they are in hospital. The plan covers important hospital procedures and expert nursing services. Health related costs and hospice care are also covered under this plan. However, Medicare Part A does not cover long-term or custodial care. In order to enjoy these benefits, beneficiaries have to meet some conditions.

Cost:  Those who qualify for Medicare Part A have to pay monthly premiums. Often people do not have to pay premiums as a partner will have paid for it already, whilst working.

In situations where clients do not have Part A Hospital Insurance, they can always purchase Part A, should they or their partner not receive Social Security.


Part B: Medical Insurance*

Part B of Medicare offers coverage for both doctors’ fees and outpatient care expenses. In addition, it covers those medical services which are not covered by Part A. For instance, services rendered by physical and professional therapists, various types of home care, etc, are sponsored by Medicare Part B whenever they are required.

Cost: In order to receive Medicare Part B, you have to pay monthly premiums. The premiums can be higher in some instances where the beneficiary did not sign up for Part B when first eligible. Charges for the policyholders who did not enroll for Part B increase 10% every year after they first qualified for Medicare Part B.

When clients sign up for Medicare Part B, they will continue paying the penalty until the time the plan is effective. In addition, beneficiaries have to shell out a Part B deductible each year, before Medicare will pay its contribution.

In order to pay the premiums and deductibles, beneficiaries can seek funds from their state. At the onset of every year, Medicare deductible and premium amounts can vary.


Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D)

For this coverage, the majority of individuals pay premiums on a monthly basis. From January 1, 2006, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage nas been offered by private insurance companies to all Medicare beneficiaries.

Prescription drug expenses may decrease with the help of this insurance coverage. Persons can select a drug plan of their choice to suit their needs.

Should you do not sign up for Prescription Drug Coverage when you are first eligible, you may have to pay a penalty if you decide to enroll yourself at a later stage.


* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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