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National Life group Agent Contracting

National Life Group (NLG) was founded in 1848 as National Life Insurance in the state of Vermont and is the second oldest life insurance companies ever created in the US. National Life Group primarily sells life insurance, retirement plans and annuities. National Life Group includes several subsidiaries, the most prominent of which is Life Insurance Company of the Southwest. NLG is a Mutual Insurance Company which means it is owned by the policyholders.

National Life Group is a pioneer in providing "Living Benefits" as a standard benefits on its policies. This niche but needed benefit has propelled National Life Group to spectacular growth over the last decade while the life insurance industry has stagnated as a whole. NLG offers a complete line of life insurance products that include Whole, Universal, IUL, and 1, 10, 20, 30 year Term Life. This assures that both agent and client can find the product that is suitable and needed.

National Life Group has been a pioneer in "Quick Issue Policies." Up to $3,000,000 of life insurance in 2 minutes. No blood, no urine, no phone interview, etc. The prospective client can be accepted in two minutes for up to three million dollars of life insurance. Not every applicant is accepted in two minutes but enough are accepted that NLG agent service department has developed the repution as being the "insurance agent's best friend."

National Life Group is always on 'the cutting edge" in seemless business practices for agents and clients. Online illustrations that is one click away from the online application. Two minute approvals and then eDelivery. This explains why National Life Group is the fastest growing life insurance company in the United States.

National Life Group by the numbers: Rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poors. In 2019 NLG served 938,171 customers compared to 796,000 in 2014. NLG currently has over 34 Billion in assets. NLG is #1 in the US for for Fixed Indexed Annuities in Employer Sponsored Plans, #2 for Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Insurance Sales and #9 for individual life insurance sales out of all reporting U.S. life insurance companies.

National Life Group is well known industry brand nationwide. While Life of the Southwest is the insurer of record for policies sold in 49 states (not NY). NLG Insurance Company is insurer of record for policies sold in NY.

National Life Group Life Benefits Overview:

    National Life Group is the Leader in Providing Living Benefits with Life Insurance

    Becoming ill is a part of life. With the addition of Critical Injury to the existing lineup of Terminal, Chronic and Critical Illness ABR’s, NLG stands alone in providing solutions that help clients worry less, breathe easier and experience life.

    Contract via NAAIP for National Life Group:

    NAAIP has a terrific system to help agents succeeed. Step #1 - Sign up for the NAAIP website with quoters. We will help you in move your website up Google and as well as show you the steps you that are need to be a successful 21st Century agent.

    NAAIP's special arrangement with National Life Group will have all agents fully appointed with the state after filling out eContracting. Email contracting request to In Pennsylvania only, contracting must be fully approved to submit business.

    Switching your upline to NAAIP - a.) Get your existing upline to release you by signing in the proper place in the pdf below if you have made a sale or have contracted in the previous 6 months. b.) Agent requesting transfer should fill out PDF and sign in the proper place. c) Agency code is 6RM.

  • Upline (if required) and agent signs the PDF and emails to
  • National Life Group - Contracting Transfer Form
  • Build a downline/agency with National Life Group. Initially NAAIP will have to send out invitations to your downline. Once you are recognized as a proven recruiter you will send the invites yourself. Invitation email will come from NLG and will list you as the upline (the email will not mention NAAIP). CA, FL, GA, KY, LA, MA, NM, PA, SD, TX, VA, WV & WI - All up-lines, including the agency, must be licensed in order to be paid override commissions. PA is the only pre-appointment state and at time of sale all entities must be appointed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I submit business?:
    A: 1. Request a contract from We need an email request since you will be receiving an invitation to contract via email. We want to make sure that our emails don't go to spam.

    2. If you have a pending sale. Tell us. We will fast-track the contracting so that you can input the sale online post haste. Appointments and back office access can occur in 1-3 days. We have paper apps, but NAAIP strongly recommends eApp. EApp is much faster and more efficient. Additionally, if you don't get approved for appointment then you have hugely embarrassed yourself.

    3. After filling out contracting and being welcomed aboard. Goto, or Login/Register

    4. Only request a contract if you are prepared to do a deep dive and learn NLG's extensive product line of life insurance, annuities and pension plans.

    5. If you submit a paper application before you have a proper appointment make a note on the email/fax submission that you have filled out contracting (except PA).

    Q: When will my National Life Group agent ID # be assigned?
    A: Your agent ID with National Life Group will be assigned upon approval of your appointment. Submitting business does not automatically guarantee approval of your contract.

    Q: Where can I get supplies to write my first piece of business?
    A: New business applications and forms are available by contacting NLG's Agent Service Department at 1-800-906-3310.

  • Submit Business via E-App, Email, Upload or Regular Mail. E-App is most efficient.
  • Life New Apps: - Life Requirements:
  • Annuity New Apps: - Annuity Requirements:

  • Q: What happens to my business if my contract is not approved?
    A:National Life Group will not insure your client if your appointment is declined. The application will be voided and the applicant will be informed of this action. Premium received will be returned to your client.

    Q: When I submit contracting and a new business application, will I be appointed in all states that I am licensed?
    A: You will be appointed in your resident state only. At your request, you may be appointed in additional non-resident states if you have a pending sale. You must submit your license(s) and any applicable non-residence fee(s).

    Q: Who pays the non-resident appointment fee?
    A: The producer must pay any non-resident appointment fees. You may pay this fee in your NLG agent portal.

    Q: What else should I know before requesting to contract or soliciting a piece of business?
    A: National Life Group requires the following requirements with contract submission:

    Current Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance with coverage of $1 million per claim and aggregate; Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training must be completed within the past 3 years; E&O and AML resources are linked at the footer footer of this page.

    Any delay in the above may require the pending application for business be withdrawn or re-dated with the applicant to adhere to all state requirements.

    We look forward to doing business with you. If you have any questions, please call (800)770-0492.

    National Life Group Appointing & Contracting Overview:

    National Life Group focuses on serving individuals and employers by providing comprehensive life insurance, annuities and pension plans.

    National Life Group is also recognized by all top ratings providers, including A.M. Best "A" rating. Most products available in 50 states.

    Vectors are not acceptable. Agents not appointed by National Life Group because of negative report by TransUnion should retrieve their TransUnion report and request that TransUnion to remove eronious information. Once that is done NLG will rerun the report and consider appointing you as an agent. Please request from us a contracting/appointment link.

    National Life Group
    1 National Life Drive
    Montpelier, VT 05604
    Phone: 800-732-8939
    A.M. Best #: 006790 - NAIC #: 66680 - FEIN #: 03-0144090

    *The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising NLG/National Life Group insurance products to the general public.

    Keeping Our Promises Since 1848

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