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Summarized View:

National Western is a life insurance company that is currently headquartered at Austin in Texas. The company was founded by Robert Moody in 1956 and operates in 49 states in the US alone. National Western offers customers comprehensive insurance policies in term life, universal life and whole life products. National Western Life (NWL) also provides residents of Haiti and international citizens insurance policies.

National Western owns $10.8 billion in total assets and has appointed over 18,200 independent insurance agents in its payrolls. National Western currently has $19.6 billion worth of life insurance products in force and operates in over 40 countries around the world. In the US alone, National Western has $2.8 billion worth of life insurance policies in force and has also generated 140,100 annuity contracts as of 2018. 

National Western Life Benefits Include:

National Western Term Life

  • NWL Term is a term life insurance product with level premiums guaranteed for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.
  • After the initial level premium period, premiums will increase annually thereafter. The policy terminates at age 95.
  • The premiums are guaranteed. NWL Secure Term offers an additional conversion privilege to a permanent product.
  • National Western Graded Benefit Plans

  • 10 Year Term: Ages 20-65: $25,000-$150,000.
  • 20 Year Term: Ages 20-55: $15,000-$150,000.
  • Whole Life: Ages 20-75: $15,000-$150,000 - varies by age.
  • No Medical Exam,No APS and No Testing.
  • Underwriting Decision atTime of Sale.
  • Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefit.
  • National Western Lifetime Returns Universal Life - Single Premium Whole Life Alternative

  • NWL Lifetime Returns® is an Equity Indexed Universal Life product that combines the features of traditional fixed life insurance with the potential to have credited interest linked in part to the S&P 500® Composite Stock Index, which excludes dividends.
  • There is a choice of four interest options, offering interest crediting diversification.
  • NWL Lifetime Returns® offers the protection of life insurance with the potential for cash value accumulation.
  • National Western Lifetime Returns Universal Life Fact Sheet - 2 pages
  • National Western Lifetime Returns Universal Life Brochure & Application(TX) - 40 pages
  • National Western Lifetime Returns Universal Life Illustration - Sample - 24 pages

    National Western Life 100 Universal Life

  • NWL Life 100® is a comprehensive universal life product that combines the low cost benefits of Supplemental Life Insurance with the tax deferral and cash value features of universal life.
  • Featuring rate bands at $25,000 and $100,000 and multiple riders to provide for business and family needs, NWL Life 100® is an affordable and flexible plan to provide permanent life insurance.
  • National Western Lifetime Returns Select 2015 Universal Life

  • NWL Lifetime Returns Select® is an Equity Indexed Universal Life product that combines the features of traditional fixed life insurance with the potential to have credited interest linked in part to the S&P 500® Composite Stock Index, which excludes dividends.
  • You have the choice of four interest options that give you the advantage of selecting one or all four.
  • Plus, the choice of Single Pay, 5 Pay or 10 Pay Premium Payment Periods.

  • Two other variations of Universal Life products are available as well.
  • Illustrations for UL proposals are available via WinFlex. Quotes are available via iPipeline. Please register below.

Product Overview:

National Western is known for providing consumers with affordable life insurance policies. Their universal life insurance portfolio includes NWL Lifetime Returns, NWL® MAXWealth, NWL ProviderSelect, NWL Life 100, NWL Lifetime Returns Solutions, NWL Lifetime Returns Select, NWL Term, NWL Secure Term.

The life insurance products are primarily distributed independent marketing organizations (IMO) and agents in the domestic market. National Western is ably assisted by the IMO’s to help them recruit and manage agents and also help them by providing financial resources to market the product better. It should however be noted that National Western does not operate in New York.

National Western Life is also recognized by all top ratings providers, including a Standard and Poor's rating of A.

* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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