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Summarized View:

Nationwide has been part of the insurance industry for over 85 years is one of the financial services companies in the world. The company was founded in 1926 Murray D Lincoln and currently holds more than $158 billion statutory assets. Nationwide is headquartered at Columbus, Ohio and also operates several regional offices in San Antonio, North Carolina, Gainesville, Lynchburg, Florida, Raleigh, Iowa, Des Moines, Texas and Westerville.

Nationwide offers customers a whole range of insurance policies and financial services, the likes of which include life and commercial insurance, mortgages, mutual funds, long-term savings, specialty health services, long term saving plans and pensions.  

Agent Benefits Include:

  • Excellent agent commissions
  • One of the top insurance companies in the country
  • Fixed income and index annuity innovators
  • Accident and health insurance living benefit innovators
  • Custom term life coverage with choice of RoP

Client Benefits Include:*

  • Outstanding, responsive customer service
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Products for all ages
  • More value placed in people
  • Committed to their promises
  • Services based around customer requirements

Product Overview:

With over 31,000 personnel enrolled in their payroll, Nationwide currently holds total assets worth $153 billion.  Their revenues for 2012 were $30 billion with a net income of $749 million for the same year. The company primarily focusses on life insurance, domestic property and casualty insurance, asset management, retirement savings and strategic investments.

Nationwide offers customers 4 main types of life insurance policies – Whole life, term life, universal life and variable universal life insurance. Depending on the coverage amount and other factors, you can determine the type of policy that would be most suitable for you and your family members.

The company is also recognized by all top ratings providers, including a Standard and Poor's rating of A+, a Moody’s rating of A1.

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