Types of Insurance We Offer:

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Advantage Plans*

Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans account for the nation’s largest Medicare Supplement business. Many plans also include Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Depending on residency, there may be several Medicare Advantage plans to choose from including HMO, POS, PPO and PFFS plans.


Annuity Insurance

Annuities provide a lifetime income security for clients. After the client has paid for the annuity for a specific period of time, they receive regular payments as a constant source of income which accrues the client’s social security. High tax benefits are attached to annuities. These benefits are deferred from any taxes until the client starts the withdrawal process.

Dental Plans

Dental Plans

Like other health insurance, dental insurance is also important. Buying a good dental plan can help you make savings of up to 60%. There are more than 110,000 dental clinics involved and plans start from $79.95 per year. With dental plans, clients can make great savings, as they will be covered for dental check-ups, braces, cleanings, and much more. You can opt for an individual dental plan or choose a family plan depending on your requirements.

Disability Income

Disability Income

Disability income is offered by Mutual of Omaha with their Disability Income Choice portfolio. This plan offers one business insurance plan and three individual plans allowing customers more choice to secure themselves with the ideal disability income policy.

Final Expense

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Final Expense insurance is generally a life insurance policy that carries a low face value ($2,500 to $45,000). This type of insurance is also known as 'funeral' or ‘burial ‘insurance and can be purchased by clients who are above 50 years of age. Final Expense policyholders can mention any one of the beneficiaries against their policy, usually a family member who can claim the insurance amount after the insured person’s death.

Health Plans

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Health plans are for anyone who has been denied traditional insurance on the grounds of pre-existing conditions. It is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other preexisting conditions. Health plans cover doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs, medical emergency, laboratory tests, among other medical related expenses.

Illness / Accident / Hospital

Critical Illness

Insurance for critical illness, should you ever need it, can literally be a life saver. It will pay policyholders benefits upon a critical illness or serious condition’s diagnosis.


Should you be diagnosed with a critical illness, the last thing you need is financial concerns. The lump-sum payout offered by insurance companies at this time will allow a critically ill person to concentrate on recovering without placing a financial burden upon themselves or others.

Long Term Care

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Long Term Care Insurance offers an extra insurance cover for medical and non-medical services. This type of insurance assists the policyholder in paying the expenses associated with nursing homes, assisted living facility or patient’s home.

Supplemental Medicare

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A Supplemental Medicare plan is health insurance intended for seniors. Private insurance companies sell this type of health insurance. Medicare Supplement insurance provides a comprehensive coverage to seniors where Original Medicare insurance coverage is lacking, such as deductibles, co-payments required for hospital & doctor visits and other medical facilities. Though a monthly premium is required, there are less out-of-pocket costs imposed upon seniors when it comes to claiming.

Part D Plans

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NAAIP offers innovative opportunity for selling along with independent pharmacies and Walgreens and Smart D Part D plan. This program assists senior agents in the market to sell, prospect and gain reference to insurance products with consumers in their area. Agents can plan how to work in their area and target customers that are best prospects.

Term Life

Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is a type of insurance which provides coverage for a specific time frame but at very competitive premiums. Clients decide the term length and the amount of coverage they require. For instance: A  customer can buy a 30 year term life policy, so as to look after the family to a satisfactory level until the children graduate college.

Whole Life

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Whole Life insurance offers financial support & growth with great lifetime security for families. Apart from paying death benefits, Whole life insurance also builds up cash value. This accumulates as premiums are paid and can be used as an investment product when securing loans. People often use this cash value to fund essential requirements such as education or housing.

* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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