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The Protective Life Corporation provides a wide range of investment, specialty and life insurance products. Tracing its roots back to the early days of Protective Life Insurance; its flagship company. The company has kept to a strict set of principles throughout its 100 year history, ever since Alabama Governor William Dorsey Jelks of Alabama first founded the company in 1907, during Theodore Roosevelt’s second term as president. Protective Life payeds it’s first death claim two years later.


With more than $518 billion insurance in force as of 2017, the Protective Life’s acquisitions include Protective Life and Annuity Insurance Company, West Coast Life, Chase Insurance Group, The Combined United Investors Life and Liberty Life, and MONY Life Insurance Company.

Getting Started with Protective Life

  1. Protective Life Pre-Application Entry Process - 1 page
  2. Protective Life Pre-Qualification Questionnaire - 1 page
  3. Protective Life Fax Entry Process - 1 page
  4. Protective Life Telelife FAQ's - 4 pages

How to Prepare Your Client

  1. Protective Life Consumer Guide - 2 pages
  2. Protective Life Applicant Checklist - 1 page

Protective Life Agent Resources

  1. NAAIP's casedesign team is happy to provide Protective Life illustrations and expert advice
  2. Protective Life Sales Support Team 1-877-778-3500. Press 1 for illustrations.
  3. Protective Life Underwriting Support 1.800.366.9378 or - Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. ET , Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET
  4. Protective Life Custom Choice UL Client Brochure - 16 pages.
  5. Protective Life Accelerated Underwriting - No Paramedics - 2 pages.
  6. Fast underwriting ages and face amounts - See brochure above - for relatively healthy clients.
  7. Ages 18-45: $100,000 - $1,000,000
  8. Ages 46-60: $100,000 - $500,000
  9. Protective Life Custom Choice UL Income Provider Client Brochure - 12 pages.
  10. Protective Life Telelife Producer Guide 2 pages.
  11. Protective Life Telelife Training Presentation - 27 pages.
  12. Protective Life Underwriting Guide - 9 pages.
  13. Protective Life Agent Login

Protective Life IUL - Indexed Universal Life

  • Protective Life IUL Product Guide - 12 pages.
  • Protective Life IUL- Keeping it Simple - 2 pages.
  • Protective Life IUL vs GUL - 2 pages.
  • Protective Life IUL vs GUL - 55 yo male - 1 million - 2 pages.
  • Protective Life IUL Illustration - 52 yo male - 150k - 23 pages.
  • Protective Life Agent Benefits Include:

    • Excellent commissions - Guaranteed Highest Commissions via NAAIP.
    • Quick Tickets, eApps, Paper Apps, Accelerated Underwriting.
    • iPipeline friendly carrier: Register and login at footer. Sell today by drop ticket, eApp or paper app.
    • Protective Life Niche: This is a "term life product" on a "UL platform" - This is the reason for the very low UL rates.
    • Once You Have a Protective Life Writing Number

      Agents should register on to access case status, pull commission statements, run illustrations, get forms including applications and access marketing materials. NAAIP is here to assist you in every way.

    Protective Life Client Benefits Include:*

    • Flexible policies
    • Choice of plans
    • Widely respected insurance company
    • Affordable plans offered

    Protective Life Product Overview:

    Protective Life offers drop ticket, paper or e-app. Please register for our iPipeline account at the footer of this page and submit business today. Contact us for any questions. The Custom Choice UL has better conversion options and it’s built on a UL chassis. In the event client doesn’t convert by the end of the term, the premiums remain the same, but the death benefit decreases. Protective Life products are moving with the industry to allow accelerated underwriting. In the meantime, Protective is still fully underwriting on the vast majority of new cases.


    Universal Life Insurance


    Universal life policy offers flexible premiums and up to lifetime coverage. Guaranteed death benefit, providing premium payments are met and there are no loans or withdrawals against the plan. There is potential for cash value growth (according to current rates) and a cash value account is provided. There is also potential for death benefit to grow with some options and policy loans are allowed.


    Custom Choice UL


    Custom choice UL offers flexible premium options with coverage of between 10 and 30 years for initial level coverage and options for continuing lifetime coverage thereafter. Policy comes with guaranteed death benefit as long as premium payments are met and no loans or withdrawals in place. cash value growth is limited on these plans and not recommended for cash value growth potential, meaning policy loans, while allowed, are unlikely.


    Survivor UL


    Survivor UL comes with flexible premiums and covers two people with benefit paying after one dies. These plans pay guaranteed death benefits provided there have been regular premium payments and there are no outstanding withdrawals or loans against the plan.  The plan gathers cash value according to the amount of premiums and interest rates credited to the account. Policy loans are allowed against this plan.


    Variable UL


    Offered as an alternative to their Term Life option, Protective Variable UL offers flexible premiums and lifetime coverage. Depending on the policy option, clients may get guaranteed death benefit. Cash value growth isn’t guaranteed, as the premiums are invested in investment funds which are professionally managed. These policies are offered with a cash value account, though cash value depends on account’s performance. Policy loans are allowed on these plans.

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