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Let's make some money for you!

Life insuranceisn't about dying it is about creating wealth, usually over time but sometimes sometimes instantly due to some emergency. It's the only investment I know than can take a few hundred dollars a year and turn them into many thousands or even millions of dollars for some people. Guaranteed!  For pennies on the dollar how much you like to leave your Children, Church or favoriteCharity?

Annuities and 401k Rollovers!

Why rollover now the stock market is great?  The simple answer is to lock in some or most of your hard work and sacrifice

            David had a career that he loved and poured himself into for over 30 years and as a result an above average income.  He had a Home in Colorado and a nice cabin on the lake in Michigan.  He and his wife flew their Cessna back and forth as he was winding down his working years with plenty of cash  flow and growing investments.  The dream was to retire on the lake so they improved and expanded the cabin and looked forward to being there full time with plenty of travel in the winters.  The experts who talked a good game about diversification in case of a crash dropped the ball and cost him about half his portfolio right at the end!.  Today they still have their dream home on the lake, but the airplane is long gone..  They travel a fair bit in the winters but not as much as they had imagined.   Now they spend most of their summers running a bed and breakfast in the home that used to be their dream!  Don't get caught like this.  Take responsibility to protect your retirement dream by removing the risk of "sudden evaporation" out of the picture.  Whatever you move ahead of retirement can double in about 10 years with NO downside for principal and minimal interest rate changes.  Many companies are offering  significant bonuses if you plan ahead.  I may even be able to help with the taxes down the road.  . After all these years how much is your dream worth?

Individual and Group Health Insurance

Everyone's least favorite topic these days! (except for ME!) We´d be happy to look at your current coverage show you the holes and how to fill them without breaking the bankDental or Vision or 24 Hour Accident coverage and Critical Illness plans.

There are also plans that PAY YOU not the Doctor for office visits, or hospital stays!  No Coverage?  No Problem I have short term major medical and plans with MD Hotline you can have unlimited calls for only 20 bucks!  (Just the thing to keep you out of urgent care with a sick kid in the middle of the night!) for a fraction of what most of the other carriers charge.

Long-Term Care and Final Expense Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance helps pay for help taking care of yourself or ageing parents when it starts getting tough to do so on your own. In-home visits, assisted living and Residential care are covered. Some of the more common mistakes people make here is Medicare will only pay up to 100 days (with conditions of course)My own grandfather was in a Nursing Home more than 4 YEARS!Medicaid will pay but not unless you are broke. If there's a home, retirement savings or other valuables you wish to leave to the kids we should take a thoughtful look at this. Remember this is INSURANCE and not everyone qualifies and that prices go up and approval rates go down after age 60. There is also a huge price difference between carriers for similar coverage. Don't overbuy or over expect from this coverage. Taking a major bite out of these expenses is great trying too hard to cover EVERYTHING with this product is usually a loosing battle!.

Final Expense Insurance Just because you have been turned down for insurance in the past doesn't mean you can't get Life insurance now! With limited underwriting and new products we are helping many get the protection that they couldn't in the past. Whether you are talking about yourself or you are concerned about an ageing parent we should talk. There no need to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket if we can get you qualified again for pennies on the dollar!.


               If you are younger or just starting to invest this section is for you!      Rule #1 is Pay yourself first!  If you fail at that for any reason fine, The second thing you must do is pay yourself first!  (Repeat as needed!)
10-12% is a good target if you have plenty of time meaning 30+ years.  The % of you income needed unfairly goes up dramatically the later you start. 
         The important detail even if it is only $5 per week make it automatically come out of you check before it hits your account if possible but it must be automatic no exceptions.  Pay raises or new jobs in the future will make this one a no brainer if you want to retire one day.  If you are pushing 40 or more you may need to put 20 or 40% away to get the same results of someone who starts in their 20's.
(Did I mention that most of this is TAX DEDUCTIBLE up to certain limits!)
Here is the homework on this if you haven't done so already:
               Punch $100 into a calculator multiply it by 12 for months in the year and then then multiply that times 1.05 for a very unimpressive 5% return and write it down.  (Buy some paper and a pen if need be this is important.) Next add another $1200 for the second years investment to the number on your paper and multiply that by 1.05 and write that number down below the first one.  Repeat this process 30 more times (the last 6 years are the most fun!) and hang the paper on the fridge as a reminder of how much you can make without any lucky breaks, degrees in finance or magic money machines!  The magic is in the math, starting as early as you can and not loosing big chunks of change along the way. 
Rule #2 is protect your income it's the only one you have! 
        Real Disability protection (Not workers Comp.  In 24 hour day how many hours are not on the clock?
       Do you ever see an accident on the way to or from work, how about over lunchtime?
        Accident plans and others that pay you if sick or hurt.
        Health protection that wont leave you broke for having an ingrown toenail removed,
        Life insurance. If its just you get a small plan that you can pay off over the next several years and will still be there forever.
                                 Ask one of my senior friends what they pay for a new Life insurance policy because they didn't do this starting out.
                 Have a kids, spouse or mortgage?  This is the when we use temporary insurance to get vast dollar amounts for paying off debts and replace salaries.  Usually 20-30years is enough time for these needs.  (Term insurance is another word for Temporary) as it is only good for a term of years then the protection expires.  99% of these policies never pay a claim That's why they are so cheap and popular.  These should only be used in the role they were designed for.or if at all possible

                 If you own a business or want to leave behind a lot of money or create an estate the strategies are a little different.  The needs are mostly similar but we address them in a different way.  Ask me and I would be happy to hear about your situation.

Please don´t hesitate to call us with your questions no matter whether you are already a valued customer, a potential client or if you simply need expert advice. There will never be a charge for our assistance or for a friendly, no-obligation chat.


Original Medicare is a good old fashioned 80/20 plan where the 20% you pay keeps adding up forever!  There are also some hefty deductibles and no Rx coverage at all nor meaningful Vision or Dental coverage. There are many ways to fix the huge holes some with little to no monthly cost and some with a significant premium. Remember there are no free lunches here and either you or your carrier will pay the Dr.s bill sooner or later when it comes.There is also a HUGE pricing difference between carriers for similar coverage in your area. Ask me about the "doughnut hole" in your Rx plans which are usually sold separately. It is not as tasty as it first sounds.

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