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Sagicor Life Agent Contracting

Sagicor is an amalgam of two words – Sage and Core, Sage referring to wise while Core pertains to judgment or heart. Together they are meant to denote wisdom from the heart.

Sagicor Life offers customers a diverse range of insurance products and services. These include term, universal, whole life and annuity policies across a wide age group. Sagicor Life USA hase enjoyed tremendous growth in the last decade by offering efficient insurance products using the latest technologies.

Sagicor Life 2019 total revenues grew 4% to $1.9 billion primarily due to sales growth derived from fast issue policies which underwrite using the latest technologies.

Sagicor Life is a leading provider of financial products and services in the Caribbean which include insurance, banking, annuities, investments, pensions and card processing services. Sagicor was founded in 1840 and operates in over 22 countries around the world. The company is headquartered in Barbados and operates in many US states including the District of Columbia.

Sagicor Life maintains a presence in the United States with offices in Scottsdale, AZ. Sagicor Life has been providing comprehensive life insurance policies for decades in the US and is ranked among the top 500 insurance companies in the U.S. Sagicor Life USA has billion in assets and is being marketed by over 800 independent agents.

Sagicor Life Bullet Points:

  • Excellent commissions - NAAIP Helps Agents Get Highest Contracts.
  • 2-minute underwriting decision for 16% of applicants, with offers up to preferred plus - 1 million of life insurance in 2 minutes.
  • Eapps via phone or can Sign Now on agent's laptop but client must have email.
  • Agents must have a Sagicor Agent ID Number (SLIC number) to get a two minute decision. Request from
  • Pending writing number after filling out eContracting - You can sell a quick issue products only after you have access to Sagicor's portal which occurs after filling out contracting.
  • Full writing number takes a week.
  • 2 minute decisions based on pharmaceutic, motor vehicle, mib inquiries.
  • Age 66 and up Sagicor retrieves APS (medical records for previous 3-5 years) Utilize "Human API" in which the client gets medical eRecords.
  • Illustrations in Sagicor's portal, Sagicor's agent services, Winflex or via NAAIP.

Product Overview:

  • 2 minute underwriting decision. Up to $1,000,000 death benefit with NO paramed, telephone interview or APS. Underwriting offers up to Preferred Plus.
  • eDelivery
  • Competitive pricing.
  • 18 - 45 Years up to $1,000,000 Face Amount
  • 46 - 55 Years up to $750,000 Face Amount
  • 56 - 65 Years up to $500,000 Face Amount

When you quote Sagicor term on Sagicor's back office, click on the APPLY button.

  • Face to Face - Tablet – you and the client can sign directly on the tablet with your finger.
  • Face to Face - Laptop/desktop computer – you and the client type your signatures electronically directly on the laptop/computer.
  • Telephone – agent will email the client an authorization, for which they will type their signature electronically. Once signed by the client, that will trigger an email back to the agent to sign the eApplication electronically and submit the eApplication to Sagicor.
  • Don’t forget to choose eDelivery to expedite policy delivery and policy settlement – a copy of the policy will be sent to the agent and the policy owner.
  • When the eApplication is submitted to Sagicor, you will receive an email with 3 potential options:
  • 2 minute underwriting decision, with offers up to preferred plus.
  • No telephone interview.
  • Referred to Underwriter (you will receive an email from Sagicor underwriting within 48 hours, contact with questions).

Submitting Your First Sagicor Life Application:

  • Except in the pre-appointment states: PA is the only pre-appointment state (LA & MT must have signed contract in house before sale)(GA is pre-appt for non-residents) (FL, if no appt anywhere then must pre appt). Request application and contracting from Fill out eContracting and you will have access to electronic application within 24 hours. – this is needed to receive a 2 minute underwriting decision (since you dont have a writing number - there will be a delay).
  • Access writing numbers are in 24 hours - tell us you have a case and we can get you access within two hours.
  • Agents will need the insured’s SSN, ID number (ie: driver’s license number, passport, etc) to submit the eApplication.
  • Always include the insured’s physician name and contact info on the application, to ensure best underwriting offer possible.
  • Please run the term quote based on the payment mode (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly) that will be sold. The payment mode from the quote pre-fills the eApplication and cannot be changed when you in the eApplication. If you want to change the payment mode once you are in the eApplication, you will have to go back and re-run the quote and complete a eApplication.
  • Client can only make initial premium payment with credit card if quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment modes are chosen. Maximum initial premium of $2,500.

Once the policy is approved with an underwriting offer, the policy will be issued within 24-48 hours. If application is referred to the underwriter then approval takes 3-5 days. If eDelivery was chosen, the policy will be eDelivered to the agent and the policy owner. If EFT was chosen for payment, EFT will draft and policy will be placed inforce when client electronically signs off on eDelivery acceptance. If quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment options were chosen, client can pay initial premium with a credit card via eDelivery only, up to a maximum of $2,500 initial premium.

Paper applications are not available within Accelewriting limits.

Sagicor Life NLUL - No Lapse Universal Life.

  • Lifetime Protection - Guaranteed level premiums to age 120.
  • Minimum amount - $25,000 - a Final Expense/Whole Life alternative.
  • Payments monthly, quarterly, semi or annually. First payment of quarterly or greater can be made by credit card.
  • Accelerated Underwring 16 years - 65 years: $25,000 to $400,000: no phone interview - issued within minutes.
  • Full Underwriting - 16 years - 65 years for over $400,001 face amounts. Or 66 year - 85 year over $25,000 face amounts.
  • Accelerated Benefit Insurance included in policy at no cost.
  • Includes chronic illness rider at no cost. 2 out of 6 daily living to trigger.
  • Adding 20 cents to the monthly premium will stop premiums at age 99 for a 65 year old.
  • Otherwise a 65 year old premiums end at age 108.
  • Compare Sage NLUL Rates vs any FEX - Rates are substantially lower than a FEX Policy.
  • Sagicor NLUL Quotes at Footer of this page - Under Information - Either of the two Term/UL Quoters.

Experience the Accelewriting difference with 2-minute automated underwriting decisions and death benefits up to $1M

  • 100% of Accelewriting® Sage Term cases are issued without an exam.
  • 100% of Accelewriting® Sage Term cases do not require a tele-interview.
  • 16% of Accelewriting® Sage Term cases receive an underwriting decision in 2 MINUTES or less.
  • 46% of Accelewriting® Sage Term cases receive an underwriting decision in 5 days or less.
  • 35% of Accelewriting® Sage Term cases receive a standard, preferred or preferred plus offer.

  • Agent Contracting with Sagicor Life

    • If you have a pending sale, tell us at We can have you with a SLIC number within two hours so that you can input the sale electronically.
    • Sagicor will give you access to agent portal within 24 hours after completing econtracting. Please request from NAAIP ( Full appointment will automatically be processed and usually takes a week even if you don't have a sale. Which means Sagicor will be paying a state appointment fee for every new agent (e.g. Florida is $60). If you don't sell within a year then your appointment will be terminated and to recontract you must pay your own appointment fee.
    • Sagicor agent are encouraged to recruit. Build a team/downline/agency. Email to your name, email and contract level that you want your recruited agent to be on indicated by increments of 5% (e.g. Send John Smith a Sagicor contract invitation 10% less than Joe Recruiter). I will also need your agent number which begins with SLIC. After you show yourself as a proven recruiter you receive your own account to send invitations yourself. The email that invitation that will be sent to your agent will be cced to you and be from direct from Sagicor.
    • Switching your upline to NAAIP: Six months without a sale and at least one year contracted. Otherwise, you need a release form signed by your upline.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the Difference between Whole Life and No Lapse Universal Life(NLUL)?:
    A: That is a personal choice, both are great options for different clients. Many older clients prefer Whole Life as it is the most commonly known product and because it offers a reduced paid up option. The NLUL offers competitive benefits and pricing with Sagicor's accelerated underwriting and a guaranteed premium and death benefit to never change as long as the clients meets the target premiums.

    On the whole life vs NLUL: Both whole life and NLUL offer guaranteed death benefits, and whole life also has guaranteed cash value. NLUL is not built for cash value accumulation. Since NLUL does not accumulate cash value, it will be the least expensive option to guarantee the death benefit for life.

    Q: What is a Human APS & APS when the two minute decision is not available?
    A: Human API is an electronic system that allows the client to share his/her electronic health records with Sagicor Life. It does not replace an APS (attending physicians statement), but many times the information obtained will allow us to forgo the need to order and wait for an APS (medical records from the doctor). Sagicor Life will send a link to the client if they are willing to log into their provider patient portal and Sagicor will instantly receive the electronic medical records.

    Q: Does Sagicor Life allow commission increases?
    A: The agent/agency definitely would need to be recruiting and have producing downlines. We need proof. We do have some agents at the DMGA level that used to be at the AGA, but that would be due to the amount of business the agent and his/her downline was bringing in.

  • Sagicor Life is not available in AK, CT, ME, NY & VT.

Sagicor Life Administration Address: 4343 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 300 - Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Sagicor Life Phone: (888)724-4267
Underwriting *4650
Produce Resource Center(PRC) *4680
Sagicor Life Fax: (800)497-7461
Sagicor Life NAIC Code: 60445
Sagicor Life has been given a rating of A- by the financial strength ratings company.

*The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

Sagicor Life Insurance - Introduction to New Agents

Sagicor Life Insurance - Since 1840

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