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SBLI was founded in 1907 by Louis D Brandeis and is headquartered at Woburn, Massachusetts.  The company has been in the business of providing affordable life insurance policies for millions of customers for more than hundred years. The company operates in over 48 states in the US including the District of Columbia. As of 2007, SBLI generated over $2billion in total assets for the first time.

SBLI as of 2016 has over $145.1 billion worth of life insurance products in force which is a 9.3 per cent from the previous year. Its total assets with the exception of Securities lending for the same year were found to be worth $2,897 million. Meanwhile SBLI also generated a net income of $26.6 million for 2016 with premiums and deposits accounting for $245.2 million. The total revenues for the same year were worth $375.5 million.

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Product Overview:

SBLI offers its customers wide range of life insurance products that are available at highly competitive premiums. These include term life, whole life and annuities. SBLI is a low cost life insurance leader in Massachusetts and has since expanded to serve the majority of the US population.

SBLI's founder, Luis Brandeis, who later on was appointed to the Supreme Court played a key role in the passage of Chapter 561 Act in 1907. This law proved instrumental in enabling savings banks to establish subsidiaries that sold comprehensive life insurance policies to the public at lower rates. The Act ushered in period of growth for the insurance industry and enabled millions of people to buy life insurance at their local banks at a considerable savings.

SBLI is recognized by all top ratings agencies, including a Standard and Poor's rating of A-.

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