Senior Protection Plan and Telemedicine Service for Agents

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Senior Protection Plan

Telemedicine, Legal services, etc.


$19.95/Month for Single Product
$24.95/Month for Couple's Product

As people get older, health becomes a concern. The natural aging process weakens seniors and makes them dependent on medical care, however in modern times, thanks to the development of certain technologies such as telemedicine, the healthcare needs of seniors have becomes more convenient to address. Telemedicine can be used to provide home based care. Family Protection Services offer several programs and facilities that afford peace of mind and convenience to seniors.

  • Access to doctors 24x7x365 under the Doctors on Demand program

  • Access to professional counseling services that address emotional and mental health issues

  • Legal care at highly discounted rates and for free

  • Advice on taxation issues

  • Solutions for identity theft issues

  • Robust software solutions to defend oneself against keylogging systems

  • Counseling and education on financial matters

  • Resources for specialized senior care

  • Special discount plans such as Wellcard

Doctors on Demand program

Doctors on Demand service offers access to US based licensed and qualified physicians through phone and emails round the clock. Doctors receive EMR (Electronic Medical Record) of patients and examine cases for all non-emergency cases. All services offered under the plan comply with HIPAA.

Below are the benefits of the program:

  • Unlimited access whenever required to doctors (the plan does not include prescriptions on uncontrolled substances)

  • Telemedicine service reduces visits to doctors, emergency room and urgent care by 70 percent. Members of the plan can save money and time by using the affordably monthly payment structure. The plan does not require contracts

  • Members do not necessarily have to be covered by insurance to obtain benefits

  • Discount RX plan

  • Plan covers the registered member along with six family members. Members do not have to put up with waiting periods. There are no exclusions

  • Online personal health manager that offers wellness tools to keep track of health

  • Services available in multiple languages; translation services are also available

Counseling services for Mental Health

Telephonic counseling services are of immense help for people who struggle with emotional, mental and psychological problems. In the current lifestyle characterized by high stress, these services help members cope with several issues and live a life of better quality.

Counseling services are provided for the benefits Legal Plan members. All members and their families can avail counseling services 24x7x365 by calling on a toll free number. Personal consultation and counseling is provided by qualified counselors, behavioral health experts and clinicians who are specially trained in telephonic assessment and consultation. Members can make unlimited phone calls on any number of issues.

The plan offers counseling on marital issues, parent-child relationship, legal matters, financial concerns, child care, senior care, substance abuse, addiction, emotional problems and other challenges. All consultations and discussions with experts are strictly guarded for confidentiality.

Benefits under the plan:

  • Unlimited round the clock counseling on telephone

  • Life coaching for problematic issues

  • Live conversation with experts

  • Multilingual counseling

  • Crisis counseling

  • Complete confidentiality

Services offered by counselors:

  • Initial assessment of the situation over phone

  • Use services of legal advisors, financial consultants, dependent care coordinators or other specialists depending on the assessment

  • Refer members to local hospitals, expert professionals or community agencies depending on urgency of the situation

Steps taken after initial assessment

  • Follow up with local caretakers to aid counseling or recommend treatments

  • Recommend and refer local doctors and professionals dealing with mental health

  • Depending on the initial assessment, referring members to detoxification facilities, physicians, hospitals or counseling centers for short term treatment

  • Coordinate with benefit plans of members for uninterrupted continuity of services

Concluding the case


Counselors keep in touch and follow up on treatment recommended to members. They make sure that members receive satisfactory services. Any case is closed only after making sure that the course of treatment has been completed, issue has been resolved and treatment has been fruitful.

Counseling and Education on Financial Matters and Credit Issues

Financial and credit counseling offers personalized advice on all matters related to finances. Services are available round the clock and throughout the year. Members can access services through phone, live chat and online tools.

Counseling services are available on all financial, credit and investment related mattes including purchase of property, debt management, trust set up and many others. The program is meant to help members make intelligent and informed decisions related to their finances. More than a thousand financial and legal experts are involved in offering advice and counseling under the plan. Services included under the plan are:

Free consultation

Members obtain complete assessment, review and analysis of different financial matters including assets, liabilities, income and expenses of the household

Debt and credit counseling

Certified credit counselors conduct thorough assessment of credit and debit matters and offer the following services:

  • Aid in formulating an appropriate budget based on income and expenditure of household

  • Assistance and advice in dealing with creditors

  • Tips and techniques to smartly manage budget and money

  • Formulate a thorough spending plan

  • Develop an action plan aimed at repaying all loans in time

Online counseling sessions

Comprehensive and personalized counseling sessions are provided covering myriad issues ranging from budgeting and credit management to dealing with creditors. All queries can be emailed to us.

Housing advisory program

All members receive special personalized advice on first time ownership of property, receiving affordable loans and mortgages, obtaining appropriate refinancing and explanations on reverse mortgages. Members are also eligible for counseling after the purchase of property.

Online features

  • Receive access to high educative and informative articles that deal in depth with various issues related to credit and money management

  • Obtain effective online budgeting tools

  • Access online calculators to estimate and calculate budgets

  • Access to lots of literature on myriad topics related to credit reports, lending, financing, vehicle purchase and credit cards

  • Improve budgeting and money management skills by taking tests and quizzes

Money Choices

Visa presents self passed lessons, five in number. Each of these private courses is meant to equip members with intelligent money management techniques.

Resources for Senior Care

Seniors can make use of three services meant to simplify challenges related to elder care. The three services provided by eldercare advocates include caregiver assistance, veteran’s assistance and assistance for beneficiary and surviving spouse. This program is offered by Global Institutional Solutions.

Wellcard Benefit Plan

  • Pre-fixed discounts on medical services, products and visits to healthcare facilities

  • Dental health care

  • Vision care including examinations, lenses, frames and Lasik

  • Imaging diagnostic services including CAT scans, MRIs, X-Rays and others

  • Chiropractic care

  • Lab tests

  • Supplies for diabetic care

  • Medical supplies

  • Outpatient surgical facilities

  • Access to medical cost negotiator and patient advocate

Under the Discount RX Card plan, members are eligible for discounts on any prescription drug approved by the FDA.

Legal Club of America’s Family Protection ID Theft and Legal Benefit Plan

Members of family protection plan can avail legal benefits offered by qualified attorneys. In addition to the registered member, the plan also offers coverage to the domestic partner and dependents staying with the member. The plan has a network of attorneys who offer a wide range of services.

Legal services offered free of cost

All plan members receive the below given nine services for free. However, in some cases, you might be needed to pay a retailer fee in order to cover professional liability of the lawyer.

  • Every new leal matter is eligible for free phone consultation initially and a face-to-face consultation further on. There is no time limit on the duration of consultation

  • Legal documents will be reviews by legal experts. Please make sure that each case is less than 6 sheets long. There is no limit on the number of case files you can ask for review

  • Preparation of a Simple Will

  • Updating the Simple Will annually

  • Web based Simple will is available. Members can notarize the Will at any public notary

  • Assistance in representing themselves in the court in small claim cases

  • Assistance in resolving legal issues with government problems including welfare and INS

  • Writing letters on behalf of the members whenever appropriate. Plan attorneys write one letter for every legal issue and for any number of legal matters

  • Calling the other party on phone on behalf of the member. Plan attorneys make one phone call for every legal issue and for as many unique issues as necessary

Although all members are eligible to receive the above services for free, they might be required to pay a retainer fee for attorney liability.

Discounted services

Discounted services come at heavy discounts. They are also called deeply discounted services and are available for eight provisions. As the name indicates, these services are not free, but require a onetime fee.

Deeply discounted fees are not inclusive of court charges and travel costs incurred because of the legal issue.

Guarantee on minimal hourly charges for legal services

All members of the plan pay only minimum charges for legal services. These charges are calculated in two ways and. Firstly, plan attorneys are not allowed to charge more than $125 hourly rate. Secondly, 40 percent charges are discounted from the usual hourly rates charged by the attorney. The rate which is higher between the two is taken to be the minimum fee.


Retainer fee is required to cover attorney liability and some other expenses. This fee is calculated in the following way.

Retainer fee = (total number of hours of expected work on the legal issue) x (standard hourly rate charged by the attorney)

This is the money you need to pay in the beginning of the case. If the attorney does not spend the entire retainer on the case, he or she returns the balance amount to you.

Contingency fee reduction

Discount on contingency fee is calculated in two ways and the lower between the two is chosen to be applicable. Firstly, the standard rates charged by the attorney are considered. Secondly, 10 percent is reduced on the state maximum price for that particular legal service. The lower amount is the reduced fee.

Taxation advice

Taxation is a rather confusing matter for most of the people in America. The confusion increases because of the changing terms and laws related to taxation every year.

All members of the Family Protection Plan receive comprehensive counseling and assistance on taxation issues. The benefits enjoyed are:

  • Commonly used schedules related to taxation can be accessed either freely or at a discounted rate

  • Members can benefit from unlimited advice receivable on toll free numbers during working hours

  • Unlimited counseling and advice through fax and emails

  • Free assistance for preparing mail-in taxes (for 1040, 1040EZ and 1040A). only one person from a registered household can avail this benefit

  • Free assistance for preparing all 1040 and related schedules

  • Fee reduction on tax return filings formulated by H&R Block. For further details on eligibility for this service, please read all the terms and conditions set forth by H&B Block

  • Assistance on IRS audit and IRS notification

  • Assistance on understanding notices and letters mailed by IRS

  • Professional review of IRS notices and letters

  • Provision of a tutorial for web based IRS audit and IRS notification

  • Assistance for tax planning

  • Provision of tax review of the bygone year for any one member in the family of registered members

  • Access to literature elucidating different taxation issues including tax organisation area, changes in tax laws, tips on tax, IRS notification and audit, and online advice

Advice and assistance provided on taxation issues is offered by experienced financial analysts, tax attorneys, CPSs, enrolled IRS certified agents and auditors. Members of the plan receive $1 million insurance coverage for liability.

Identity thefts

Identity theft, one of the major problems faced by numerous families in the United States, can be tackled using our robust theft management services. We help you restore identity and equip with skills required to safeguard identity and prevent identity loss in the future. All issues related to identity theft are handled by expert paralegals who are available at your service round the clock and all round the year. All identity theft solutions are personalized to meet your specific requirements.


If you sign up for Family Protection Plan, you receive $25,000 insurance coverage against identity theft. The insurance is underwritten by an insurance company with AM Best rating of A or higher. The insurance amount can be used to pay some expenses incurred in restoring identity and covering losses incurred because of the theft.

The insurance policy helps in the following ways:

  • $500 weekly coverage for wages lost due to theft. This coverage is available for a maximum of 4 weeks

  • Coverage for costs incurred in re-filing loan applications

  • Coverage for costs payable for defending criminal and civil lawsuits

The insurance amount is used to cover reimbursement of various necessary costs such as the following:

  • Re-applying for loans, credit/debit cards and loans that have been annulled because of identity theft

  • Notarizing documents and communication costs such as telephone bills (long distance called are included) and postage necessary to register a complaint about stolen identity or to change records in order to reinstate the right identity

  • Obtaining up to 6 credit reports, two reports from each of the three main credit bureaus, dated within one year from the time identity theft was discovered

These inclusions are purely summarization of benefits, terms and conditions. For a more thorough understanding of the terms, please read the complete terms, conditions and exclusions criteria. Also note that people in New York and certain other places are not eligible for certain benefits. Only the registered member is eligible for these benefits. His or her family is not eligible.

Restoring identity theft

When you discover that your identity has been stolen, Privacy Advocates associated with the Family Protection Plan undertake the following restorative functions on your behalf.

  • Investigate the fraudulent activity in order to confirm theft and all potential complications that might arise out of it

  • Preparation of “Fraud Packet” and mailing it to all relevant agencies. The Packet is inclusive of pre-paid return instructions and is completely state specific, customized and pre-populated

  • Get in touch with all relevant agencies including financial institutions and state agencies through phone calls and electronic notifications.

  • Prepare all the required documentation on behalf of the member. The documentation includes preparation of dispute letters required for defensible complaints

  • Issue fraud alert notifications to the US Postal Service, FTC, SSA and the three major credit reporting bureaus

  • Give special Power of Attorney (limited) and affidavit for ID theft to all creditors of the victim. This service is aimed at cancellation of existing cards and issuance of new credit/debit cards

  • Communicate with all related agencies affected by the identity theft and establish rights of the member

  • Provide assistance for reporting identity theft to law enforcement agencies and all related authorities, and file relevant reports

  • Deal with public records including address changes, DMV, liens, judgments and criminal in order to investigate further on the case

  • Prepare a Case Completion Kit comprising of all details related to the case including letters, forms, copies of correspondence and all documents that were used for the case

Ultimately, the Privacy Attorneys associated with Family Protection Plan aim at proving peace of mind to members by ensuring speedy resolution of important issues.

Assistance for recovery of stolen cards

If your cards (credit/debit) cards are stolen, our Privacy Attorneys offer the following kinds of assistance:

  • Hold consultation sessions with the member in order to comprehend the seriousness of the event

  • Order credit reports from the three major credit bureaus

  • Hold meetings with every credit card company associated with the member through teleconferences

  • Put forth the paperwork need to cancel credit cards of members in case of theft

  • Place request for new cards and give fraud alerts with the three credit bureaus

  • Help members interpret and understand their credit reports

  • Monitor ID of the member for six months in order to prevent further illegal activities using the stolen cards

  • Assist with resolving credit disputes arising due to theft

  • Assist with recovering other lost items such as library cards, drivers license and membership cards

Monitoring identity

Identity monitoring services are limited to the registered member and are not offered for the family or dependents. The intention behind identity monitoring is to prevent further losses and fraudulent activities occurring because of ID theft. Essentially, the service offers highly secure and convenient identity monitoring in addition to issuing actionable identity alerts.

Our monitoring services are not restricted to credit monitoring. Rather, the intention of the service is to take corrective and precautionary measures to prevent theft. In order to prevent misuse of information such as name, social security number, address, date of birth and phone numbers, these items are continuously monitored. We create SNAPD blueprint to keep track of huge amounts of data every day.

Data is monitored from sources such as new credit cards, usage of wireless carriers, retail credit cards, auto loans, mortgage loans, payday loans, utility accounts, government databases, checking accounts, checking reorders, real estate records, social security records, court and criminal records, and DMV records.

Continuous monitoring of these elements helps to prevent identity theft up to a large extent. Expensive damage caused due to loss, theft or misuse of identity can be effectively mitigated.

Keylogging defense system

Keylogging systems can cause a lot of damage. They are used extensively to steal identity. Essentially, keylogging systems are loaded into a computer to track every keystroke made by the user. This tracked data is recorded in a remote system. By examining the keystrokes, miscreants can obtain your passwords and other confidential details that you enter in the computer.

Our Family Protection Plan offers an antidote to such keylogging systems. We offer software solution that negates the function of these systems. Our keylogging defense system encrypts every keystroke that you hit on your system. As a result, any data you enter remain confidential and cannot be de-coded with an intent of misuse. The system prevents transmission of data to remote systems.


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* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public. Certain exclusions may apply. Plans offered by insurer. All products not available in all areas. Not affiliated with the United States Government or the Federal Medicare Program.

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