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Spitfire Auto Dialer – A Comprehensive Review

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Auto dialers have been great help for contact centers and businesses that handle a good deal of calls. In the present day, the quality of customer service has become of the major aspects on which customers judge companies. Auto dialers, predictive dialers and other such technologies have made it easy for companies to enhance their call handling efficiency and hence, increase the quality of their customer service.

Spitfire auto dialer is a highly efficient product. With its numerous features and user friendly methods, this auto dialer has simplified call handling requirements for businesses and other organizations.


Spitfire is a feature rich system that eases that task of contact center employees as well as managers. Some of the best features available in the system are listed below. Please note features are not restricted to the ones mentioned underneath.

  • Respond differently to human receivers and answering messages; the software offers features to record unique messages based on call receiver

  • Robust IVR (Instant Voice Recording) feature

  • Excellent text-to-speech recording feature that saves time and reduces errors

  • Personalize messages with individual customer names

  • Transfer calls easily and quickly to live agents

  • Switch between auto dialing and number dialing based on requirements

  • Call customers at appropriate times by using time-zone sensitivity feature

  • Set automatic redialing for numbers that are either busy or do not respond

  • Handle and organize multiple campaigns, each with substantial volumes of phone numbers

  • Special features to conduct polls and surveys for market research, political campaigning and other activities

  • Removes customer numbers subscribed to Do Not Call service

  • Obtain completely detailed recorded calls

  • Dial based on query

  • Record voice responses and share copies through email within the team or contact center

  • Create schedules for campaigns with numerous edit features if you want to change it

The tenth version of SpitFire X version 10 works on MySQL and unlimited number of records can be stored on its database. The same database can be used for different dialers. However, different dialers will have to dial through different records. All data in the dialer software is stored on a centralised MySQL server.

Spitfire auto dialer gives you the option to rent its connection after purchasing the software. This means that the software can be co-located in a secure location on the company’s server remotely. This hybrid storage solution comes with added security, disaster recovery, off-site redundancy and other features. When it is co-located, users can use limited bandwidth in their premises.

To secure the dialer and all the data in its database at a remote location, a highly secure VPN connection is used. Users can make calls through the cloud. When the dialer is located remotely, agents are connected to the software through SIP.

Hardware needed

The system does not need expensive hardware or IT infrastructure. Computer with Windows XP or higher versions is compatible with the auto dialer. High speed Internet connection and a good head set are necessary.


  • The feature rich package saves enormous amount of time and effort, thereby leading to increased productivity

  • Very user friendly and easy to use

  • One of the more affordable options available in the market

  • Very reliable and registers a robust performance

  • Very fast and efficient

  • Great features for contact center managers to monitor, dial and record several calls simultaneously

  • Works well with phones running on any network

  • Runs independently without integration with phone since it is a SIP based VoIP system

  • Simple set up; large IT infrastructure is not required

  • Comes with easy upgrade functionality

  • Great co-location features that save money without reducing efficiency


Call center agents need some training and practice before being able to use the platform to the best of its efficiency. However, once they get the hang of it, the auto dialer simplifies their work to a great degree.

Who can find Spitfire Auto Dialer useful?

Any business or organization that wants to reach out to a large number of people within a short period and spread their message can use Spitfire Auto Dialer system. Political campaigns, recruitment agencies, fund raising initiatives, businesses and marketers of all genres find the system very productive. The system can be used by both small and large companies.


You can either purchase Spitfire Auto Dialer for a flat rate and licensing fee, or you can use it on a monthly fee structure. The system is known to be one of the more affordable options available in the market.

You can watch Spitfire Auto Dialer X demo on its website. This product is definitely great for contact centers and anybody else who requires such functionality.



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