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FREE Instant Quotes and Information for Life, Health (Instant 24/7 Quotes & Subsidy Calculation for CA), Medicare Advantage & Supplement Plans, Long Term Care, Disability Income, Employer Health Plans AB 1083 to 100 lives and learn more about Preventative Care. 
We also have the websites SteveShorr.com since 1999 and HealthReformQuotes.com since 2013.   We have been in the Insurance Industry since 1975, having majored in Insurance at San Diego State and 3rd Generation in an Insurance Family.  Learn more on our Biography Page.  
When it comes to Health Insurance Research, Health Care Reform and Covered CA, we feel we are 2nd to none and have the most comprehensive website, with citations of anyone.  Now that Health Care Reform is not in the daily news, we expect our Google ratings to increase as we won't be competing with the Wall St. Journal or LA Times for listings.
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