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What You Don’t Know AboutMedicare, Health Insurance and Rx Drugs, Will Hurt You Financially! 

Ted Bright, Medicare and HealthConsultant  

Bright Health Solutions, Inc.

Office: 757-279-0735


Bright Health Solutions specializes in savingcustomers money with Medicare, Health Insurance and Prescription Drug Plans.  Know the pitfalls of Medicare Advantage Plans!  Call me for a "free consult"


“Your referrals are the highest compliment I canreceive” 


I am a memberwith the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. Pleaseshare with anyone that can use my services which now include improving yourMedicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Coverages. 


I am a strong believer in education first and sharing myvast experiences “free of charge” to all I serve. Over the years as a student-athlete, teacher, coach, pharmaceutical account manager and now asa Medicare and Health Consultant, I have learned so much toshare with all. My good and busy life has enabled me to build and help all I serve. With that said,please call on me anytime!

Get the Facts! (“Free” individualconsults and group presentations available) 

  1. All MedicareSupplement (Medigap) insurance companies charge “different premiums” for thesame exact coverage with no doctor networks (yes, you can see your doctor ofchoice).

  2. You canreplace your existing Medicare Supplement insurance plan anytime (no AEP or restrictedannual enrollment period).

  3. Medicarejustifies replacement of Medicare Supplements when you can get the same medical benefits forless cost.

  4. MostMedicare customers have Medicare Supplement Plan F, but for most, there is a “betterplan & less expensive choice.”

  5. There is anaffordable Medicare Supplement for those who want the freedom to see any doctor(unlike Medicare Advantage which has a disenrollment period of January 1st-February 14th).

  6. If you joina Medicare Advantage plan for the first time and you are not happy, you have guaranteedspecial enrollment rights to buy a Medicare Supplement, if you return back toMedicare within the first 12 months.

  7. There arealso many Special Election Periods to enroll in lower cost Prescription DrugPlans and Medicare Advantage Plans throughout the entire year (e.g. LIS- LowIncome subsidy, etc.)

  8. Medicare doesnot pay for Long Term Care (about a 50% chance you will need it) and there are“new” very affordable solutions.

    Know the pitfalls of Medicare Advantage Plans!

Call me forpricing information and your “free no obligation consult” 

“What are yourbiggest concerns regarding your health over the next 10 years?” 

  • Vision Coverage is a must! Enroll with #1 VSP-

  • DentalInsurance (Medicare does not pay) How is your teeth? Studies show bad teethmeans bad health. Dental insurance means contracted savings-call for free quote. 

  • LifeInsurance to cover all final expenses (Medicare pays only $255). 

  • Fed up with high costtraditional health insurance plans? Contact me for more "free"information? 

    Ted Bright, Medicare and HealthConsultant  

Bright Health Solutions, Inc.

Office: 757-279-0735 

Bright Health Solutions specializes in savingcustomers money with Medicare, Health insurance and Prescription Drug Plans.  Call for a "free consult"

“Your referrals are the highest compliment I canreceive”



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