Total Protection Plan and Telemedicine Service

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Total Protection Plan

Telemedicine, Legal services, etc.


$22.95 per Month for Single Product

$29.95 per Month for Family Product

  • Telemedicine Plan - Access to Physician Services 24/7

  • Life Events Mental Health Service - Counseling available 24/7

  • Medical Bill Remediation/Patient Advocacy

  • Discount & Free Legal Assistance

  • Tax Planning & Advice

  • Solutions for Identity Theft

  • Keylogging Protection System

  • Financial Counseling & Financial Education

  • Wellcard Discounts Benefit Plan

With the help of Affordable Access Plans, your clients can have access to the phone and e-mail of licensed physicians in the US on demand. The doctor will have access to the EMR (Electronic Medial Report) of the patient for common medical conditions which are non-emanating. All benefits are in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

It has all the benefits of the following:

  • Unrestricted access to doctor services and prescription drugs 24/7 based on your request. This, however, does not include uncontrolled substances.

  • Cancels the requirement till a maximum of 70% of doctors, ER and immediate care visits? Cut down on time and money (convenient, within your affording capabilities, automatic pay every month; without contract)

  • Functions both in the presence and absence of health insurance

  • Program of RX discount

  • Covers the expenses of around six family members (does not have exclusions or waiting period)

  • Internet based wellness equipment

  • translation service in multiple languages

LifeEvents Phone Counseling

The turbulent lifestyle of the present day leads to anxiety, despair, tension and other problems for many individuals. With the help of Affordable Access Plans, members can take charge of the challenges they face in life. It also offers extra means by which your clients can improve the quality of their life holistically.


The plan is created to cater to the requirements of members and families of Legal Club. The members of LifeEvents have cost-free access to proponents all through the year who offer them personal appointment services. The advocates of our organization are clinicians with a masters-degree and who have received special training in estimation and deliberation with respect to phone.


Your clients and their families can have toll free access all around the year to health specialist related to an individual’s behavior all through the year. Your calls will be straightaway answered by licensed staff comprised of degree holders. All services will be taken care of with total intimacy.


You along with your family will be provided counseling through the telephone by LifeEvents on matters related to marital, parental-child relation, abuse of drugs, emotional, legal or financial, childcare and problems with the elderly along with numerous personal confrontations or anxiety. You and your family can derive benefit to unrestricted counseling on the telephone for each episode.

Mental Health Services from LifeEvents

  • Unrestricted counseling over the telephone 24/7

  • Confidentiality services/Live response/Multi lingual Crisis counseling

  • Preparing for life/work issues

The counselor from LifeEvent will carry out the following operations:

  • Carry out an initial estimation on the phone

  • Will assign a dependent care professional or financial /legal expert to help in obtaining resources and lining up the referrals where it is required.

  • To mention members straightaway to a community organization or local hospital in case an arising situation is obvious.

Counselor analyzes the developments and brings forth the next course of actions:

  • Following the initial estimation, the counselor will follow through the local company to integrate approvals.

  • Approvals may include references to local mental health providers, facilities of detoxification, hospitals, physicians or brief counseling.

  • In case of life/work issues, the Counselor supervises the resource search and makes sure that the deliberation and supplies provided have catered to the points that are brought forward.

  • Integrates with the member benefits plan to guarantee a consistent service development.

Contentment and conclusion

Counselors will oversee the process on time to guarantee a distinguishing characteristic and satisfactory use of services. Counselors will bring the case to a halt only after consultation with the member and the provider that the client has successfully settled the point in question and has finished all the treatment that has been suggested.

Patient Advocacy/ Medical Bill Remediation

Giving faith and providing alternatives. Assisting individuals coping with surplus medical bills. This program supplies a personal mediator who represents the patient, finding the solutions for the residual bills with medical facilities. Patient Advocacy (analysis of medical bill/negotiation) for total bills exceeding $2500 for a single occurrence.


We are very much aware of the fact that importance medical insurance is very much unreachable for many people in the United States. They mail fail to qualify in some instances. In the remaining cases, it’s because of the fact that premiums cannot be simply afforded. For people who find themselves in any one of these situations, we are of the view that policies that are not insured (such as health discount cards) and restricted insured policies (such as restricted benefit or indemnity policies) are a superior option.


We are also of the view that these products lead to a confronting question that has to be answered. What is the consequence of a reduction or repayment not being adequate? Instead leaving people to tackle this situation on their own, a policy called Bill Mediation or Patient Advocacy renders a priceless service when one is faced with this challenging situation.

The various solutions can likely include the following:

  • Asking for financial aid

  • Mediating an agreement

  • Drawing up a plan of payment

When you have insufficient discounts or reimbursements, our services are introduced and focus thoroughly on people and concentrate to find the best solutions for settling their medical bills which have not been taken care of. Because of the fact that we treat each person and their location and provider as a special unification of inconsistencies, we are successful in bringing forth a personalized and complete solution that goes much further than the advantages of the approach of a single size that fits all. We’ll partner with people on every area from Medical and accommodating care qualification to agreements attached with discount and payment policies.

ID Theft & Legal Benefit Plan – Legal Club of America’s Family (LCOA)

The family Protection Plan is supported by The Legal Plan. Legal Club refers to an acknowledged referral service attached with a discount with a network of advocates spread throughout the nation, who give free and discounted legal care to more than one million families. The members can include you, your better half or live-in partner, children below the age of 25 dependent on you and any other dependents staying with you like your grandparent or parent.


Legal Care-Free Legal Services

Given below are nine services that have no charges attached to them:

  • Initial phone deliberations for every fresh legal case (no restriction on time)

  • Initial person to person deliberations for every fresh legal case (no restriction on time)

  • Analysis of legal matters that are independent (at the most six page for every document, no restrictions on the number of fresh independent records)

  • A basic Will for you and your family will be created by plan attorneys absolutely free. In addition, they’ll revise the Will every year free of charge. As a matter of choice, members can have admittance to an additionally elaborative personalized Simple Will on the internet.)

  • Living Will form, specific to a given state is available to members absolutely free on the internet. This form can be validated by a Public Notary.

  • Members will be assisted by Plan Attorneys to take on their roles in minor claims court.

  • Help in finding solutions to problems with government plans like INS and welfare.

  • When a client's plan Attorney considers it appropriate, he or she will pen down letters on your behalf (a single phone call for each legal matter, with no restrictions on the number of fresh legal matters)

In some cases, the obligation of the attorney may need plan attorneys to request for an attendant from the member before supplying some Legal Services absolutely free.


Major Discounted Legal Services


Below is a list of eight most popular legal services that are used. Plan Attorneys have decided to attach a one-time major discounted fee to these services.


Court expenses, filing charges and time taken to travel back and forth from any courts are supplementary.


Affordable hourly rate guaranteed


Plan attorneys have agreed to charge at the most $125 for every hour, or 405 of their normal and established hourly rate, whichever is more, for legal care that falls outside the limits of the free and discounted services mentioned above.




You may be asked for a retainer by plan attorneys in case of prolonged legal care. The selected retainer will be estimated by multiplying the total hours, which according to a plan attorney is required for a case to undergo completion, by the discounted hourly rate of the plan. For example 10 hours * $125= a retainer of $1250. You’ll be returned the unused part of the retainer.


Possible fee discounts


The possible fee reduction will be a 10% cut of the maximum rate in the state in question or the normal rate of the attorney, whichever is smaller.


Readiness of tax & Advice


With the Family Protection Policy, you can have an elaborate personal tax benefit. This includes readiness of free tax return and unrestricted, toll-free, tax associated suggestion during the regular business hours. In addition, your client will have admittance to the widely used tax associated schedules, which will be available absolutely free or may have a heavy discount attached to it.

Tax Associated Benefits

  • Unrestricted advice on business and personal subjects on federal taxation with the help of phone/fax/email absolutely free (no restrictions on time or frequency)

  • Mail-in tax return readiness absolutely free (this involves 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040)

  • Readiness of schedules free of cost that comes along with the form 1040.

  • Get a discount on tax returns created by H & R Block®

  • IRS audit help

  • Notice or letter sent out by the IRS will be examined by tax professionals. They will in turn provide guidelines on how to comprehend and find a solution to the matter.

  • Admittance to IRS audit tutorial on the internet along with an IRS notification information or instruction.

  • Help of IRS notice

  • Planning of tax

  • Analysis of tax return of the year before

  • Portal of the member with suggestions on tax suggestion, alterations in tax law, area of tax organization, IRS audit area, IRS notice area and advice to the member on-line

Assistance in matters of tax and finance is provided by tax attorneys, financial analysts, CPA’s, past editors and/or Enrolled agents accredited by the IRS. In addition, advice on tax and financial matters is supported by a liability plan worth $ 1 million.

Limit one (1) for each household.


Only for fresh H&R Block clients. A fresh client is an individual who did not make use of the services of H&R Block offices while preparing their return for the previous year. Invalid on federal form 1040EZ and associated forms. Legitimate only at engaging US offices. Nullified if sold, bought or transferred, and where restricted. Offer has to be brought forward before accomplishment of initial tax office interview and should not be unified with any other offer, discount or distinctive promotion or pricing policy. Legitimate only for tax preparation charges for early tax return on personal income.


Solutions for identity theft


Our solution for identity theft which is exclusive, supplies your clients all the parts to get back your identity and avoid cases of identity theft in the future. The entire work that is done for you is carried out by competent paralegals. Our program involves complete participation to the restoration of identity theft.


You can have access all through the year to Identity Theft Restoration Advocates who will supply you restoration services that are elaborate and customized.


Identity Theft Insurance


Your client will receive insurance coverage on identity theft worth up to $ 25,000 endorsed by a nationally approved Insurance Carrier with an AM Best rating of “A”. This plan will assist them to take care of part of the expenses to restore their identity to its former state, which includes the following:

  • $500 for each week to cover lost wages, for a maximum of four weeks

  • Loan refilling

  • Defense expenses for various criminal & civil lawsuits

  • Payment of fees: tolerable and essential expenses incurred by the insured in the US for the following:

(a) Refilling of applications on loans, allowances or credit tools that are not accepted merely due to a consequence of identity theft case.


(b) Validating affidavits or similar documents, long distance phone calls or postage merely as a consequence of the efforts of the insured to address a case of identity theft and/or change or correct record with respect to the original identity of the insured as a consequence of an identity theft event.


(c) Maximum of six reports from stable credit agencies (with a two report maximum from a single credit agency). This should be dated within one year following the uncovering by the insured of an identity theft case.


Restoration of Stolen Identity


Upon being informed of a stolen identity incident, Privacy Advocates will represent you as a devoted case manager to perform the following operations:

  • Scrutinize and ratify the spurious activity, which includes recognized, obscure and potentially sophisticated extra sources of stolen identity.

  • Finished and mail personalized, pre-populated, and specific to state “Fraud Packet” through validated mail with information on pre-paid return.

  • Make telephone calls, send notifications electronically, and create proper testimonial on behalf of the member, which includes letters of conflict for justifiable clamor to any and the entire suitable state agencies and financial institutions.

  • Send out spurious warnings and statements of victim when required, with the three consumer credit reporting organizations, viz FTC, SSA and US Postal Service.

  • Present special restricted power of attorney and stolen ID testimony to the creditors who are involved for dissolution of card and discharge of fresh card.

  • Keep in touch with the involved organizations, creditors and financial institutions. Follow up on the issues and intensify them in order to strengthen the rights of the members.

  • Help the member to inform the local police authorities to list the suitable official reports.

  • Make use of actual time admittance to public record reports, which include DMV, criminal, changes in address, liens and judgments for scrutinizing further where it is necessary.

  • Contribute settlement of major issues from scratch until rapid completion.

  • Supply applicants with a “Case Completion Kit” which include Xerox copies of testimonials, agreements and other documentation.

Help for lost or stolen credit card/Restoration services of testimonies

Members will be aided by privacy advocates in case their credit cards are lost or stolen. Privacy Advocates will render the following services:

  • Talk to members to find out the seriousness of the e vent

  • Acquire credit reports from the three important credit providers

  • Connect the member with each credit card firm or other financial institution with the help of teleconference.

  • Dissolve the credit cards in question

  • Appeal for new cards to replace the old one

  • Send out fraud warnings with all three important credit bureaus

  • Help members to define their credit report

  • Supply ID monitoring on a regular basis for half a year to ardently avoid any other case of identity duplicity

  • Offer help in case of credit confrontation

  • Help with more lost items, such as driver’s license, library cards and various other forms of identity

Supervision of identity

Supervision of identity investigates and oversees the past history which also includes cases of actual time identity duplicity or dangers. This particular service includes the following:

  • Safe and sound overseeing of identity

  • Litigable identity warnings

Our identity supervision does a lot more than oversee credit and provides a solution as strong as the one used by the top financial institutions in the nation to avoid cases of stolen identity. Identity supervision makes use of creative technology to find out cases of abuse or a heightened possibility for abuse of a person’ s SSN, name, DOB, phone and address. By developing a sketch of SANAPD identity, this program supervises billions of data every day from different sources like the following:

  • Fresh Credit Cards

  • Communications Applications

  • Retail Credit Card Accounts

  • Car Loans

  • Payday Loans

  • Mortgage Loans

  • DMV Records

  • Utility accounts

  • Inspecting Accounts and inspect Reorders

  • Records of Real Estate

  • Government Databases

  • Criminal Records

  • Court Records

  • Social Security Records

Because of the fact that identity duplicity normally goes ahead of stolen identity, this kind of intensified or aggressive system is important to minimize the huge and expensive loss inflicted following the theft and manipulation of identity.


Only the members are provided Identity supervision coverage.

Keylogging Defense Program

This program is unique to the nation and supplies a software application that assists to avoid cases of stolen identity.


Keyloggers are viruses that generate on their own and copy your key strokes along with the information that is present as you use the web. This Keylogging Defense System assists in aggressively avoiding cases of stolen identity on the web by encoding every key movement at the level of the keyboard, after which these movements are rerouted straightaway to the client's browser. Our keylogging defense mechanism circumnavigates the multiple communication regions that are generally prone to keylogging offenses that would eventually put your crucial information in jeopardy.


Members, with the help of our keylogging defense system, are able to surf the web, get admittance to important business applications, shop and bank on the internet with the belief that each keystroke is being encrypted and not being transferred to an identity thief who might be waiting.

Financial Education & Credit Counseling

This constituent of the Family Protection Plan supplies you along with your family with customized services of financial and credit counseling all through the year. We give you admittance to counseling and financial education with the help of different methods of delivery, which includes telephone, web tools and live chat meetings.


This financial education is created to supply you along with your family the instruments to come up with superior financial decisions, even if you are renting or purchasing a home, facing debt problems or establishing a trust. Around 1000 experts in financial counseling will provide customized financial counseling and learning.


Given below is am overview of the free services offered by this program:

Free guidance An exhaustive financial evaluation will include an analysis and examination of your household income, costs, estates and accountableness.


Counseling on debt and credit by licensed credit counselors? A credit counselor will need adequate time to exhaustively comprehend and evaluate present subjects of credit and debt. They will perform the following:

  • Help in designing a comfortable financial plan to maintain equilibrium between income and expenses.

  • Offer specific suggestion on dealing with creditors

  • Offer information on managing money and making financial plans to assist you in keeping a check on your finances

  • Design an exhaustive spending plan

  • Develop a plan of action to become free of debt

"Ask Susan" Online Guidance Sessions

A specialized event to obtain a customized response on matters like loans, credit reporting, financial plans, collections, debt dealing and a lot more. Send your questions by mail and get customized feedback these financial topics as well as others.


Housing Advice Service

  • Suggestions on home ownership for first-time buyers, reasonable mortgages and refinancing.

  • Guidance after purchase

  • Reverse mortgages, their description and the way they function

Instruments and Articles on the web

  • Admittance to articles on the web developed to offer tips, help, educate and warn you in all spheres of credit, management of money and the way to seek help

  • Instruments on the web for carrying out financial plan

  • Articles developed to assist you to make wise decisions related to your finances

  • URLs for a broad array of customer information on subjects such as lending, credit cards/reports, purchasing of vehicles and financing

  • User friendly calculators on the web to assist you to get back your finances in the right direction. Calculators can help you in drawing up a financial plan, vehicle and home financing

  • Exams and informal tests to assist you to have a better comprehension on the way to develop your skills associated to the management of money.

Money Alternatives

For private courses designed to be used at your own speed, brought forward by Visa, that teach the skills needed for the wise management of money.



Affordable Telemedicine Access Plans


Affordable Access Plans:

Affordable Access Plans provide personal security and protection plans to guard your clients against identity theft, offer legal advice and guidance on financial issues, as well as providing comprehensive medical packages.

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Doctors on Demand:

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» $15.95 per Month for Family Plan

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Family Protection Plan:

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Senior Protection Plan:

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Identity Theft and Legal Plan:

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» $12.95/Month

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* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public. Certain exclusions may apply. Plans offered by insurer. All products not available in all areas. Not affiliated with the United States Government or the Federal Medicare Program.

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