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Transamerica Agent Contracting

Transamerica was founded in 1928 and is currently headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Amadeo Giannini started the Bank of Italy in 1904 in San Francisco with a goal of making financial services accessible to all regular citizens. In the year 1928, Amadeo Giannini merged his bank with the Bank of America and soon formed the Transamerica Corporation Holding Company. Two years later TransAmerica acquired the Occidental Life Insurance Company. TransAmerica has evolved to become one of the largest insurance providers in the US. In 2008, TransAmerica was acquired by the Netherlands based financial services company, Aegon N.V.

The two main branches of Transamerica, USA are located in Cedar Rapids, IA, Baltimore, MD. Over 20 million people and their families are served primarily in three three main product areas – investments, life insurance and retirement planning.

Agent Benefits Include:

  • TransAmerica Agent Login
  • TransAmerica is virtually the leader in every product line that it offers.
  • Diverse product line includes annuities, life insurance, LTCi, Medicare and dental.
  • TransAmerica is a nationwide market leader. 11,801 employees (2018). Cutting-edge products and technology.
  • NAAIP guarantees you highest commissions.
  • Agents have chosen the Transamerica TLIC Financial Foundation IUL® (FFIUL) insurance product over any other IUL for 14 quarters in a row
  • IUL Highlights:
  • Federal income tax-free death benefit
  • Annual point-to-point interest crediting method with a 15% cap on the Global Index Account.
  • Guaranteed minimum interest rate (floor) of 0.75% on index accounts and a Basic Interest Account with a 2% floor
  • Maximum illustrated rate of 7.75% - exceptional high illustration due to historically high returns
  • Maximum upside is 13.75% of stock market increases.
  • Optional Long Term Care Rider with a specified amount up to $2,000,000.
  • Optional chronic and critical illness living benefit riders - at no additional premium charge.

TransAmerica TLIC - Agent Resources

The following 13 points are the case to sell TransAmerican final expense

  • TransAmerica offers your client three options
  • Immediate Solution: Agese O-85 - $1,000 – $50,000. ADB Rider available.
  • 10 Pay: similar to Immediate - Payments over 10 years.
  • Easy Solution: Ages 18–80 $1,000-$25,000. 30% of benefit if death occurs in the first year., 70% of benefit in 2nd year & 100% in 3rd year on.
  • TransAmerica Final Expense accepts neuropathy at Preferred while COPD, Hep C, Parkinsons, serious blood thinners, Nitros and other ailments at Standard. Lots more details on TransAmerica underwriting. This carrier should be part of your portfolio.
  • TransAmerica final expense has no instant approval. Its thorough underwriting cause this to be the case.
  • TransAmerica final expense has a clear underwriting guide - read it - or contact risk assessment.
  • TransAmerica final expense issues policies in 2-3 days.
  • TransAmerica final expense does not ask height and weight.
  • TransAmerica final expense does not do phone interviews.
  • TransAmerica final expense can give preferred rate even with 6 high blood medicines!
  • TransAmerica has real social security Billing and Direct Express Debit Card Payments.
  • TransAmerica Final Expense pays full commission on ages 81-85. No other FEX carrier does this.

TransAmerica TLIC - Contracting, Appointing and Submitting First Application

  • TransAmerica agent dual contract request form - choose TransAmerica TLIC in SuranceBay
  • TransAmerica Paper Apps available in iPipeline Forms - Links at bottom below "Information."
  • TransAmerica will appear on Term Quotes & Submissions but will link to Paper Apps.
  • TransAmerica Solutions Final Expense - iPipeline Forms -> New Business -> Whole Life -> Solutions Final Expense.
  • Click other iPipline links for Info & Underwriting.
  • iPipeline eApps on TransAmerica website for all products except FEX (which must be on paper) once agent has writing number.
  • Most states Just-in-Time - submit appication with contracting (ask us or via iPipeline Forms at footer of this page). Except - TX,PA,LA,MT & KS must have appointment in place to solicit.
  • Writing numbers for TransAmerica TLIC within 14-21 business days after request. Best to request contracting when have sale.
  • IUL and Whole Life illustrations available. Request from [email protected]
  • Once an agent is properly contracted, call to schedule an appointment with a TransAmerica internal wholesaler. 1-866-545-9058 is the phone for Transamerica Sales Consultant Team. [email protected] is Florida's internal wholesaler. There are 12 internal wholesalers currently.
  • Underwriting help - 1-888-668-0335 - call the "risk assessment" department - In back office you can create an IUL illustration, but TransAmerica has a super efficient team that will create and explain the illustration to you.
  • The IGO & IUL eApp should be used for term sales (only after you are appointed). IGO makes selling life insurance easy - Fill out online app and client receives an email for them to electronically sign. It is simple
  • IUL, Whole Life, FEX and UL will be on paper apps till you have a writing number. Goto iPipeline forms at the footer of this page to get forms.
  • TransAmerica term goes from 25k to millions - it is a must have for any agent
  • Ask us for an illustration if you have a pending LTC, Whole Life or IUL sale - FEX and Term don't need illustrations.
  • TransAmerica Agents are expected to set up Exams for IUL, UL, Term and Whole Life clients (exam depends on the face amount)(fex never needs exam):
  • TransAmerica Trendsetter Super, IUL, WL, UL: Non Medical (no exam required): till 100k up to age 60. Age 61-70 non-med up to 50k.
  • TransAmerica Living Benefit Term (LIB): Non Medical (no exam required): till 250k up to age 60. After age 60 requires Medical exam.

Exam Vendors:

  • APPS at 1-800-727-2101 -
  • EMSI at 1-800-901-9622 -
  • Exam One at 1-800-768-2056 -
  • Portamedic at 1-800-727-2101 -
  • Superio Mobil Medics at 1-800-898-3926 -
  • CRL at 1-800-882-1922 -

TransAmerica was awarded the Corporate Citizenship Award in 2012 by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation for their community involvement efforts in Iowa.

TransAmerica is recognized at the highest level among the top insurance rating agencies. This includes Standard and Poor’s rating of AA-, Fitch rating of AA- and A+.

$2 Million of Term Insurance with No Medical Exam Program

Available to clients up to age 60 at Preferred and Preferred Best rates only.

Follow the steps below to assist your clients in getting $2 Million in coverage without ever having to take a medical exam.

1. If you have a client that is Preferred or Preferred Plus, Apply for $1M of term coverage with Principal using their Accelerated Underwriting Program.

2. Once the Principal Term policy is in place, you can then use the Transamerica TOP Plus program to get an additional $1M of coverage, again with no medical exam.

* The information provided is intended for licensed insurance agents only. It is not intended for the purpose of advertising the insurance products to the general public.

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