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United Home Life (UHL) was founded in 1948 and is subsidiary of United Farm Family Life Insurance Company of Indianapolis, Indiana. UHL specializes in the senior market for life, burial end of life expenses. Over $2 billion in assets and over $20 billion of in-force life insurance is the combined strength of our companies. United Home Life is advancing strong in eApplications which are available for use with Express Issue Premier, EI Deluxe, EIWL, Guaranteed Issue WL and Term Life.

United Home Life Insurance Products:

  • Whole Life Insurance - No Exam
  • Ages 20-80
  • From $5,000-$100,000 for ages 20-60 years old
  • From $5,000-$50,000 for ages 61-80 years old
  • Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Included
  • Child & accidental death benefit Rider Optional
  • Policy cannot be cancelled as premiums are paid
  • A simple medical questionnaire
  • Guaranteed Issued & Graded Issue Whole Life Insurance
  • Issue Ages: 25-80
  • Face Amounts: $2,000-$25,000
  • United Home Life FEX Application - Sample - California
  • Death benefit is graded for first two years: 1st year: Return of premium plus 12% - 2nd Year return of premium plus 24%. The full benefit paid if death by accident.

  • Face amounts of above $10,000 have included riders: hospital waiver of premium, identity theft waiver of premium, and common carrier (plane, train bus, taxi) ADB (accidental death benefit).

  • Policy cannot be cancelled as premiums are paid
  • Simple Issue Term Life
  • 3 products on 1 yes/no form/application.
  • 20 or 30 Year Term - ROP option for 20 Year Term.
  • Simple application - No Medical Exam - Phone interview to close sale.
  • Ages 18-45 to $200,000 of Term Life.
  • Ages 46-55 to $150,000 of Term Life.
  • Ages 56-60 to $100,000 of Term Life.
  • ROP feature “gives back” all premiums.
  • Child Rider of $5,000 on policies over $100K.
  • Guaranteed level premiums.
  • Terminal illness rider at no cost.
  • Direct monthly, bank or credit card billing option.
  • Policy fees commissionable.
  • Accident Insurance
  • Guaranteed level premium for up to 20 years.
  • Return of premium feature - All payments can be returned at the end of policy year 20!
  • $50,000, $75,000, $100,000 face amounts.
  • Three corresponding monthly EFT premium amounts: $12.83, $17.07 or $21.32.
  • Premiums not dependant on age, gender or smoker status.
  • Coverage doubles over the 20 year policy.
  • Keep It Simple With Protector AD!
  • Just One Non-Health Question On The App!
  • Do you have clients who commute to work? Did you know one person dies every 14 minutes in a car accident?
  • Protector AD accidental death coverage provides need protections, with no medical underwriting.
  • It's available on eApp!
  • Door hangers and flyers approved for use with consumers.
  • Protector AD - simple app, simple product, simple sale!
  • Most occupations accepted including police, firefighters, sawmill, truckers, window washers, logging, and construction.

  • One Application for All Life Products
  • Call Risk Assessment at (800)428-3001
  • Electronic of Paper Applications.
  • No Medical Exams. Phone interview from carrier.
  • Look at application and you can easily see if preferred, standard, graded or GI.
  • Day One coverage for insulin-dependent diabetics.
  • Direct monthly, bank or Credit Card billing.
  • United Home Life Portfolio, Requirements and Underwriting.
  • United Home Life Online Quoting Tool - Agents Only
  • United Home Life Final Expense Agent/Underwriting Guide - 24 pages.
  • United Home Life FEX Application - Sample - California
  • United Home Life Final Expense Brochure - 4 pages.
  • United Home Life Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Brochure.
  • United Home Life Term Life Brochure.
  • United Home Life Term Life Agent Guide - 16 pages.
  • United Home Life Accidental Life Policy Brochure.
  • United Home Life Insurance for Diabetics Brochure.
  • United Home Life New Agent Welcome Video
  • United Home Life Agent ZIP File for Product Information
  • United Home Life Agent Login

  • United Home Life simplified issue term products are one of the easiest applications on the market. Read the application, if the application can qualify via the application, they qualify. United Home Life is a bit more expensive than other carriers, but will accept applicants that other won't. United Home Life's Term 20 DLX will accept diabetics on insulin (Table 8) up to $50,000! United Home Life's final expense and term applications are true "yes/no", "stacked" applications built to help you know what product to recommend to your clients. Easy to use.

    United Home Life Products

    Contract via NAAIP for United Home Life:

    UHL is Part of NAAIP's 120 Club - 120% first year comp on FEX

    NAAIP has a terrific system to help agents succeeed in this business. Step #1 - Sign up for the NAAIP website. We will help you in move your website up Google and as well as steps you that are need to be a successful 21st Century agent.

    All product guides, UHL contact phone numbers and email addresses are available at www.uhlinformation.com.

    New business can be sent directly to UHL for processing if you have a writing number - till you have a writing number email application to david@naaip.org.

    Access state specific new business applications prior to contracting through UHL’s website, www.unitedhomelife.com by following these instructions:

    1) Click on “Agent Login” tab.

    2) Click on “Applications”

    3) Select State and password of “USA”

    4) Quick Quote & Forms also use "USA"

    5) iPipeline: Whole Life Accident Death (WLAD) Click Here - New Case - Whole Life.

    6) iPipeline: Forms Search, Underwriting and Product Information - Links at Footer of this page.

    7) GA, LA, MN, PA & TX are pre-appointment states. Otherwise, new apps and contracting can be submitted concurrently.

    8) No E & O is required. No appointment fees, No dual contracting, UHL is in all states.

    9) NAAIP Commission Grid below under information - The 120 FEX Club - 120% first commission, 16% 2nd Year.

    10) Contracting via SuranceBay which is accessable on eContracting Portal below Submit Button.

    11) Immediate Upline will be Michael Appleby - Our agent of record for UHL

    12) Agents will select United Home Life in SureLC, and agents will also receive a link from United Home Life to complete the contracting.

    Please initiate contracting via the SuranceBay link at the footer of the is page. After requesting UHL, you will be emailed an additional econtracting link to complete. The second contracting link must be completed before eSelling and a writing number can occur. Tell us if you need help retrieving United Home Life applications and forms. Please consult with us before your first sale.

    eApps by UHL - Playbook

    Prepare your game plan with United Home Life's eApp Playbook - perfect for navigating the X's and O's. A great guide to have in hand if you've never used UHL's eApp, or need a refresher. eSignature Options & Best Practices - Study the rules of the game and learn how to properly obtain electronic signatures.

    Product Overview:

    United Home Life focuses on serving individuals and families by providing simple life insurance at affordable rates.

    United Home Life is also recognized by all top ratings providers, including A.M. Best rating with a Rating of A-. Its parent company is rated A by A.M. Best.

    United Home Life Insurance 225 South East Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

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